We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Shinra Knives – “Those Flowers”

Shinra Knives is an electronic producer/visual artist from St Louis, MO whose new effort “Those Flowers” caught our ears. The track is a slow burn that rises as it progresses. From the dark cinematic textures, moody vocal runs and sparse drum grooves, he sure brings something different and eclectic to the fore front.

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles – “Call Me Sunrise”

“Call Me Sunrise” is the latest release from Kyle Quentin & The Kyles and it’s a somber and relaxing piece ripe with retro jazz aesthetics with new age elements to match.



Zigg Zag x Cris Luke – “A Few Murders”

NY producer Zigg Zag and Cris Luke team up for this horror-themed beat titled “A Few Murders” (feat. Cris Luke). Blending ominous strings and trippy sounds over solid drum grooves and vocal snippets from obscure films, the duo delivers something remarkable.



GrinZ – “Tullastraße 69”

German producer GrinZ’s new effort “Tullastraße 69” is a rousing blend of classic boom bap vibes with orchestral aesthetics. He blends lush violins, somber piano riffs, and cinematic textures to complete the job. He adds that the song is a homage to his shared atelier and all the artists who paint and create art in the building.


FRANZ – “Holidays”

Swiss producer FRANZ shares his new release “Holidays,” a guitar-laden boom-bap track that is vibrant and cinematic as well.


Wizard Death x Virtual Boy – “divination”

Production duo Wizard Death x Virtual Boy are back with a new one titled “divination.” The track has a soothing and calm vibe with its lush soundscape and reflective aesthetics.




Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Getaway”

Johnboybeats and Plon B. thrill us again with their latest effort titled “Getaway,” a smooth blend of lush and warm lofi vibes with horns, pulsating basslines and soothing drum grooves

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gLife Beats – “Drop Top On Key”

gLife Beats takes us deep into the West Coast with this bouncy instrumental titled “Drop Top On Key.” The track has smooth textures, synths, and punchy drums to match.




Pete Rock – “Listen Close”


Legendary NY producer Pete Rock shares the new instrumental single “Listen Close” as he prepares to release his new EP Petestrumentals 4. The track captures the producer’s essence and unique production style that pairs soulful and cinematic textures with crunchy drums that only he can craft.



3League – “Light God”

3League got us with this beat titled “Light God.” The track is moody and somber and the drums are sparse too. It’s quite off-kilter and gives off ominous vibes as well.





Ghostnaut – “In Between”


Ghostnaut returns with something refreshing this week in the form of his new release titled “In Between.” The record is mellow and built on a lush guitar arrangement that exudes nostalgic properties.



Bastelbande x TREE60 – “Overseas Chants”

Bastelbande and TREE60 team up for “Overseas Chants.” The record is a soulful summery piece ripe with warm textures, punchy and funky drum grooves to boot. This is the second single from the duo.



Sneedy – “Moonlight”


Sneedy‘s  “Moonlight” is a relaxing eat made up of smooth guitar riffs, lush textures, and bouncy drum grooves to match.




Wataru Fujiwara – “Road”



Japanese producer Wataru Fujiwara come through with his new release titled “Road,” a mellow jazzy lofi tune ripe with lush guitar riffs. smooth somber keys and sparse drums.




Dj Brush – “imperfect silence”

Dj Brush‘s new single “imperfect silence” flips a classic sample and delivers something new and refreshing. From the thick drums, somber jazz horns, and alluring keys, listeners are easily transported into a whole new zone. The visual is quite engaging as well.






Subphate – “Kids Again”


Columbus, Ohio-based beatmaker Subphate shares his new single “Kids Again” taken from his debut chillhop instrumental album Strawberry Winds. The track is somber, reflective, and sparse. the switch-ups into the filtered vocal sounds and lush piano works well.

Get the entire project here.


berj – “O’pickle”


Lebanese producer berj comes through with “O’pickle” which is inspired by the popular Rick and Morty episode “Pickle Rick. The track has moody textures, punchy drums, and warm vibes all through.


paule – “oikos”


paule is an emerging German producer who caught our ears with “oikos” a somber and moody piece ripe with mellow atmospheric textures, soft sparse drums, and dusty piano arrangements.



Saib – “Ocean Waves”


Berlin-based, Casablanca beatmaker Saib kicks off 2022 with a new release titled “Ocean Waves” taken from his brand new 13-track LP, entitled “Under The Stars”. The record is a fusion of jazz arrangements, smooth soulful lofi textures and a bouncy groove to match. The album features solo tracks and collaborations with key figures of the beats and lofi hip hop scene, including Tom Doolie, Bluestaeb, Flofilz, Cap Kendricks and Leaf Beach.


DJ Unknown – “A Case of the Mondays”


DJ Unknown shares a new single “A Case of the Mondays” from his Android Repair Service Vol 2. full length beat tape available everywhere on April 29th. The track is an anthemic boom-bap jam ripe with soulful textures, alluring vocal chops, excellent scratches, and vocal snippets to boot.


Davester – “Re-connect”

Jazz Pianist / Producer Davester shares his new offering “Re-connect” which showcases his jazz piano maestro to the fullest. From the snapping drums, lush guitar riffs, and smooth piano arrangements, Davester sure delivers something refreshing.



Védah – “Care”

French producer Védah makes his entrance on our site with “Care” a punchy somber piano-laden track layered over crunchy drums. This is the 5th track taken from his instrumental EP KINDNESS.




BR INFAMXUS’s “HEART” is a moody bass-laden trap beat ripe with drill elements and dark textures. It’s sparse but gets the job done.



3League – “Malibu Hills”

3League is an up-and-coming producer who caught our attention with his new release titled “Malibu Hills.” The production is bass-heavy and moody and was inspired by a meeting he had with an investor (the voice in the intro) in the hills.




Jonny Rythmns – “The Loony Bin”

“The Loony Bin” is the newest release from Jonny Rythmns who goes for a different style. The production is experimental, sparse, and a bit cinematic as well. It’s taken from his instrumental project entitled Crackish Habitations and Other Delights.





gLife Beats – “My Ex’s Piano”


gLife Beats‘ “My Ex’s Piano” is a happy fun beat ripe with bright piano keys, punchy trap drums arranged in a sparse manner. It’s well-crafted and gets the job done.



Védah – “Empathy”


French producer Védah once again caught our ears with his new release titled “Empathy” He makes use of dark strings and cinematic textures with crunchy drum grooves and delivers the goods.





80 – “Motor”


80 closes out the list with this smooth boom-bap tune titled “Motor.” The piano riff is somber and nostalgic and the drums are solid from top to bottom.

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