After being away from the spotlight for a little while, probably to take a well-deserved break, as e.d.g.e. is one of the most hard-working artists I know, the Canadian MC is back with some new visuals to please our eyes. Following the Day 81 conceptual video we told you about a few months ago, e.d.g.e. is now sharing a new one for another track off All Flow Everything, the amazing Confirmation, which happens to be a favourite of mine. While the previous one looked like a “day in the life of…” snapshot, this one is more about e.d.g.e. and his “penwork”, as we focus on the MC and his writing in the visuals, which allows us to concentrate on his great wordplay and impressive flow. Lyricism is one of e.d.g.e.’s trademark and I think this video for Confirmation is a great way to emphasise and celebrate this aspect of his talent. Teaming up with producer CientifiQ for the musical background and Jenkin Au for the visuals, the Vancouver native provides us with yet another video that complements the track perfectly.
As I said earlier, e.d.g.e. is a busy man and we can already look forward to several projects from him in the coming months, including collaborations with producer Sinitus Tempo, for their long-awaited EP, as well as Danny Diggs and Hashbrown.

P.S. In case you missed it, discover our exclusive interview with e.d.g.e.


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