Urban Fu$e a/k/a UF shares their 8 track body of work titled DLW3 which is an acronym for Dough, Love, and Winning. The body of work sees the collective fusing different Asian sounds into their repertoire and the result is a mix of infused styles of music that everyone can rock with.

The project opens up with “The Maze” which sees them reflecting on life as it is and the pitfalls that can occur from being indecisive. The track has somber exotic instrumentation and it’s peppered by booming drums and uplifting lyrics as well.  On “Cages” the tempo drops a bit but the insightful message is still intact as the artist implores listeners to break the mental cages and locks keeping them from achieving their true destinies. In “Powerful Woman,” listeners get the perspective of a strong female who is breaking records and living her dreams despite the hurdles and obstacles placed before her. The energy levels don’t drop on tracks like the celebratory “Pan-Am Highway” and upbeat “Up Up Up.” The project closes out on an uplifting note with the bright and alluring track “Slow Down, Fall In Love” featuring soothing melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics.

Check out the video for “Pan-Am Highway” below.


Urban Fu$e AKA UF is a strong brand collaboration of producer/songwriter duo Slam and Jimmix and later James Grover. A strong dance beat and positive messages around five important areas of health AKA SPEMF (Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Financial) in a fulfilled life is the hallmark of UF no matter the genre:  hip hop/rap, dance hall, V-pop, Afro, Latin. UF does it all!

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