The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Urban Fu$e – “Ugly Houses”


Urban Fu$e aka UF is a duo made up of producer/songwriter duo Slam and Jimmix and later James Grover. Their new release “Ugly Houses” is a punchy and vibrant track that takes inspiration from the HGTV Flip this House show but with a political undertone. The track features Honey-B Sweet who lends her sultry vocals to the track.




Rxtherapper – “Hate it or Love it “Freestyle” (Remix by RXTHERAPPER )”

Rxtherapper showcase his rapping prowess over the classic 50 Cent and The Game‘s beat “Hate it or love it.” In usual fashion, he brings his own unique take on it and kills it.


The Last Maven – “UrlyBerd”

Emerging rapper The Last Maven shows us his go-getter spirit on “UrlyBerd.” He makes use of a soulful backdrop to detail his work ethic and tenacity as an artist and success-driven individual.

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J.I.Bri – “Like It or Not Thing” featuring ILLI

DC-based rapper/songwriter J.I.Bri teams up with ILLI for this thought-provoking single titled “Like It or Not Thing.” Over an ominous backdrop, the duo shares their candid thoughts on being determined to succeed in a system that tries to hold one back. The song is taken from the Frat Pack Approved mixtape.

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Micstro – “Ur My”

Micstro makes his entry on our site with his soulful single titled “Ur My.” The track flips the classic D’Angelo song “Lady” and gives it a modern vibe as Micstro spins a story of blossoming love over KD Kutz‘s smooth guitar and lush piano-driven backdrop while being supported by the talkbox melodic runs provided by Roc Phizzle.

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Bre Maa – “B.U.M.”

Bre Maa shares the new song “B.U.M.” from her recently released EP Brightly Unveiling Majesty. The production has an experimental vibe with a dash of soul that blends with Bre Maa’s evocative lyrics that dwell on the misrepresentation of black women in society. Far from being gloomy, Maa turns the negative into positive as she aims to empower her fellow black women to rise above societal pressures and misogyny by believing in their own powers and strength.

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Skatta – “Record Box”

Skatta takes us back to the golden era with “Record Box” which pays tribute to the vinyl and crate-digging culture. Over a cinematic jazz-infused backdrop, Skatta draws listeners in with his vivid storytelling skills and engaging flow while paying homage to the DJs and vinyl enthusiasts around the globe. “Record Box” is taken from Skatta’s forthcoming album Cinema Ticket.

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Be Kind – “Goodbye Gordon”

UK-born, Australia-based artist Be Kind shares a reflective track entitled “Goodbye Gordon” for our list this week. The self-produced track is a blend of pop, soft rock, and hip-hop with its warm keys, punchy drums, and summer-tinged aesthetics. Be Kind takes time to pay homage to his beloved studio with his heartfelt lyrics and smooth melodic runs.

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Parris LaVon – “BLOO”

Parris LaVon returns to our site with a new release titled “BLOO” which sees him working with producer Andre On Beat. The somber guitar-laden track captures the rapper’s inner struggles as he tries to find peace. He pours his woes on wax and gives the listener an insight into his life reminding us all that it’s not always rosy.

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GTB Tonio – “Dear Love”

GTB Tonio takes us on a journey of self-discovery in his new single “Dear Love.” The track is built on somber keys and moody textures that fit his vivid storytelling of an individual who finds himself in the big city struggling to find a balance between the good and the bad sides of life.

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Jordan De La Cruz – “Counterfeit”

Australian rapper Jordan De La Cruz makes his entry on our playlist with his new single “Counterfeit.” He makes use of a booming trap backdrop to share his thoughts on a handful of things from fake friends who try to play him.



Crhymes x Joe Dreamz – “Who Wit Me?”

Crhymes and Joe Dreamz team up for this off-beat collaboration titled “Who Wit Me?” which sees them displaying their distinct styles over a UK Grime-inspired beat. The use of autotuned melodic flows also works too, quite interesting and well crafted.

Atticus Spade – “Boombox St.”

Atticus Spade shares his second single “Boombox St.” which comes with a scenic and somewhat psychedelic visual. The track sees him paying homage to the hip-hop culture while pointing fingers at the corporations exploiting the art for funds. The visual makes use of stock footage and Breakdance sketch artwork done by Diana Dvorova.

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Zerk – “By Myself”

Rapper/producer Zerk shares his new single “By Myself” which showcases his triple cadence style and insightful lyrics. Over a somber and ominous backdrop, Zerk shares his struggle of growing up alone and how he overcomes being lonely by using music as an escape.

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Curt Summers – “Happy You’re Happy”

Emerging rapper Curt Summers pours his heart on wax in his new single “Happy You’re Happy.” The solemn track dive into his past relationship that didn’t proceed to the next stage. Summers shows different sides to the story from being content with the situation after finding out that she has found someone new and also finding the strength to get over the lingering affections.

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FIGŪREZ x SHQZU – “Selfish”


“Selfish” is a heartfelt collaboration between FIGŪREZ and SHQZU who dive into the dynamics of friendship and love. Over a moody backdrop, both artists share their candid thoughts on the matter.

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Tieran – “IDGAF”

Tieran embodies the middle finger mentality on wax in his new single “IDGAF.” The track is built on a dark trippy trap beat which sees the rapper in his fiery element. He launches a verbal assault on the naysayer and doubters alike on this track and leaves nothing to chance. Listen to “IDGAF”  all DSPs here.

Dpart – “Really About This”

UK emcee Dpart looks back at his upbringing and environment on the new single “Really About This” which really dives into his struggles and much more. Over a somber guitar-laden trap backdrop, He shows listeners that with will and determination one can overcome the hurdles and negative people trying to bring one down.

UnlikePeople (Dceased & Telly McLean) – “12Knives”

Rapper Dceased and producer Telly Mclean (both from Sacramento) share their new single “12Knives” a somber track that sees Dceased reflecting on his journey thus far. “12Knives” is taken from the album “OCD” by UnlikePeople.
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Rxtherapper – “Kick Push “Freestyle” (Remix by RXTHERAPPER )

Rxtherapper flexes his off-beat verbal muscles on “Kick Push “Freestyle” where he flows seamlessly over the classic production.

Brodeezy x Prophit – “MVP”

Tampa, FL rappers Brodeezy and Prophit team up for “MVP” a laidback track that showcases their distinct styles. The flute-driven beat s ripe with the rappers with wordplay and off-the-cuff flows.

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Jehdi Flywalker – “Alien-Made”

Jehdi Flywalker embodies his differences in “Alien-Made” where he sees himself from an alien planet. Over a moody backdrop, he invites us into his life as he vividly describes his DNA, characteristics, and more.

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Eli Preiss x makko – “Nimmasatt”


Eli Preiss and makko help close out this week’s list with “Nimmasatt” a sparse punchy track that has experimental styles and an offbeat melodic arrangement. The video is quite engaging too.

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