Showtime Ramon and Illecism team up for this dark lyric-dense track titled “Julius Erving,” that will make rap lovers smile. Backed by the ominous production courtesy of Olehead, the duo proceed to lay the verbal hammer on the opposition without any remorse. The track is a pure verbal assault on wax.

Get “Julius Erving” on all DSPs here.

Showtime Ramon (born January 4, 1993) is a rapper from Sacramento, California. He is known for his versatile machine gun-like delivery & never-ending crafty wordplay, from sports references to sexuality nothing is off-limits. He carries an uncanny repertoire of rhymes, clever & unpredictable yet cryptic & suspenseful his vitality shines in his music videos. Showtime hit the ground running in 2020 releasing over 50 visuals on youtube with partner in crime & videographer, Bruthaanthony2. The shifty duo utilized youtube as a platform for fresh releases accumulating over 300,000 youtube views in 2020 using a mix of music videos & visualizers. Showtime had claimed collaborations with notable artists such as IllecismChuuweeTrizzSir Michael Rocks of The Cool KidsYoung L of The Pack & arguably the most influential artist of modern rap Lil B. Collectively, Showtime has released 20 projects. The Chronicles with Supa Duff (2011) Lethal Dos with the late Stizzy Staxx (2012) Monday Nitro (2012) Badboy (2013) The Flourishers (2013) Precious Metal Gems RED (2016) Gemspitter (2017) Lick it off (2019) Goat Tape (2020) Time Traveler (2020) Mercedes Girl (2020) Aurum (2020) Game Changer (2020) Dripp Tape (2021), (6 of which are Gieftapes 1-6 released 2020-2021)

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