Vallejo, California artist Tota delivers a profound outlook on growing up in his hometown on his new song/video titled “Downhill”. The song is built on sombre/soulful soundscapes that evoke nostalgia/sadness as the rapper paints vivid images on the adversity he and other individuals like him have faced. He also brings in singer Racquel Tubbs to deliver the hook home and ends the track with a voicemail message from his Mother concerned about her son’s whereabouts.



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Artist Bio:

Tota is a Hip Hop and R&B artist from Vallejo, California. Growing up he was the only boy and the youngest of 4 children. Him and sister starting rapping around the age of 7. His sister eventually moved to the south to stay with her Mom and he continued pursuing music. One day watching a video of Kanye West producing on Youtube he decided he wanted to make beats as well. That day embarked a musical journey. Throughout middle school and high school he would produce, rap, and write for local artist. He started battling in high school and garnered a little attention. After high school he had his first child and slowed down a bit musically. He started doing more background work developing artist until he met Dianne Dulay, a singer from Vallejo whom he formed a duo with by the name of WeAreYou. After a short lived run with the duo he decided to finally push step out as a solo artist. That leads us to where we are today.


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