After dropping 2 singles, “Fiction” and “Eulogy“, eccentric emcee Kyle Rapps rolls out his much anticipated project titled “Perverse Ramblings”.  The 14 track body of work is a layered, R-rated laced with personal insights from the mind of the unorthodox artiste. The aforementioned singles was only the tip of the proverbial ice berg and from the instant you hit the play button you get to hear not only the off kilter lyrics but his experimental production as well.


While, “Perverse Ramblings” no doubt stays true to part of its name (the perversion), but these are not mere ramblings. Rapps is telling a clearly outlined story here, and it’s one of love, pain, heartbreak, and more sex than you could possibly imagine. If that’s not something you can relate to on some level, maybe you just need to marinate on this one.

Perverse Ramblings is now available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Rapps’ own imprint, courtesy of EMPIRE Distribution.

Stream/Download (Smart URL): HERE


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