Ever since he appeared on our pages with his first single “Idiocy“, Tota has been on a roll by consistently dropping new material almost every week. His latest video “Marae” is a grim outlook on a relationship turn sour. A passionate filled track that deals with self realization in a relationship. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Soundcloud Link: HERE

Artist Bio:

Tota is a Hip Hop and R&B artist from Vallejo, California. Growing up he was the only boy and the youngest of 4 children. Him and sister starting rapping around the age of 7. His sister eventually moved to the south to stay with her Mom and he continued pursuing music. One day watching a video of Kanye West producing on Youtube he decided he wanted to make beats as well. That day embarked a musical journey. Throughout middle school and high school he would produce, rap, and write for local artist. He started battling in high school and garnered a little attention. After high school he had his first child and slowed down a bit musically. He started doing more background work developing artist until he met Dianne Dulay, a singer from Vallejo whom he formed a duo with by the name of WeAreYou. After a short lived run with the duo he decided to finally push step out as a solo artist. That leads us to where we are today.

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