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DopeManDaye – “So Right”


DopeManDaye‘s “So Right” is a reflection of his life and what he has experienced over the years. Over a somber and punchy backdrop, he shares with us a myriad of situations and how making life-changing decisions can be used to progress one’s destiny.
“So Right” is taken from the recently released EP, Self Explanatory.


888moment & Gusto Mane – “Centralizing”


rap/producer duo 888moment & Gusto Mane return with a new single “Centralizing” a solemn track that details the journey of an individual in this world and the search for one’s true purpose. The production by Gusto Mane is sublime and soothing and keeps listeners locked in.


Shadi G – “That Kind”


Singer/songwriter Shadi G shares new single “That Kind” a mid-tempo track that is as expressive as they come. From the smooth bouncy groove, ominous textures, and her mellow sultry melodic runs, the result is a hypnotic tune that keeps listeners locked in.


Genra – “High Road” Feat. Anti Lilly


West coast hip-hop artist Genra, linked up with notable Houston MC Anti Lilly for this soulful track entitled “High Road.” Bolstered by the soulful and engulfing backdrop provided by Jake Milliner, both emcees share a snapshot of their lives and their respective journeys that listeners can relate to.


Terrence Esquire Huggins – “The Player’s Game” ft. J’uno


Terrence Esquire Huggins‘s “The Player’s Game” is a lyrical display of some sort as he teams up with rapper J’uno. Over a dreamy and jazzy backdrop, J’uno delivers a stream of consciousness-type flow that lovers of lyricists would appreciate.

City James – “GOD GIVEN”


City James’s new single “GOD GIVEN” is a celebration of life and a slight nod to the Rams after winning the Superbowl. Over a jazz-infused horn-driven backdrop, James flexes his verbal muscles on the naysayers and opposition.


BigHomieTony – “It’s Tony Baby”


Tacoma Washington raised BigHomieTony showcases his off-the-cuff rap style in his new release titled “It’s Tony Baby.” The laidback track is riddled with off-beat references, hilarious and unpredictable lines that would make listeners make the gas face.


Bobby Part Time – “Afraid” (feat. boymelody)


Afraid” is a heartfelt track from indie rapper Bobby Part Time who dives into the dynamics of toxic relationships and how it affects one’s decisions. Over a somber backdrop, he shares his experiences with heartbreak and the journey to find himself away from the craziness. He is also joined by singer boymelody who adds a soothing melodic chorus to the track.


Johnny D – “Position”


Johnny D is back with something new titled “Position” where he reflects on his journey in this thing called life. From being down in the doldrums to finding the inner passion to achieve his goals, he gives listeners a nuanced tale of the grind.


MEL. The 8th – “SELF LOVE.”


MEL. The 8th does a unique take on the subject of self-love and heartache in his new release “SELF LOVE.” Over a rousing and off-kilter backdrop, he delivers a wild and off-kilter performance ripe with vivid imagery.


Miss Lia x Klarendon – “Lost Without You”


Indie singer Miss Lia and Klarendon team up for a heartfelt and love-soaked tune titled “Lost Without You.” Over a mellow and sublime backdrop, she delivers a soothing melodic performance while Klarndon adds a solid verse to boot.


Zin-Zeta – “Fux”


“Fux” is a bravado song/freestyle from emerging rapper Zin-Zeta. He delivers brash and over-the-top stinging bars on a bouncy and cinematic backdrop. He sure is having fun on this one and lovers of that raw unfiltered hip-hop would enjoy this very much.


PAL – “Never Again.”


Indie artist PAL shares a new single “Never Again.” which showcases his versatility and expressive songwriting. Over a blend of hiphop/r&b soundscape, he delivers an emotive and heartfelt metal-influenced performance.


LSA – “Razr”


LSA returns with his new single “Razr” a hard-hitting gem built on an ominous and cinematic backdrop layered over crunchy boom-bap drums. LSA is in his element as well and delivers an impassioned and fiery performance


Ello. C x Gunnah Y.A – “Virtuoso Freestyle”


Sydney, Australian lyricist Ello. C links up with fellow emcee Gunnah Y.A for a solid boom-bap rap record titled “Virtuoso Freestyle.” The result is a cinematic piece ripe with vivid and detailed lyricism from both acts.


Ced Savage – “Dope Man”


“Dope Man” is a bouncy crisp track from Ced Savage that details the life of a dealer navigating the unpredictable streets and the different situations he has to face in order to survive.



TrenchBaby Rich – “NO NBA”


TrenchBaby Rich brings listeners closer to the action in his new hard-hitting single titled “NO NBA.” The track is built on a hard-hitting and ominous backdrop and TrenchBaby Rich’s detailed lyrical stylings.


Anomalie x Masego – “Memory Leaves”


Montreal-based electronic producer Anomalie teams up with the Grammy-nominated multi-faceted artist Masego for his newest single “Memory Leaves.” The soulful record touches on the bittersweet nature of this musical lifestyle and how their career sacrifices affect them on a personal level. The production is quite nostalgic and ripe with Masego’s evocative songwriting, soothing melodic runs, and a crisp backdrop to boot.


Factor Chandelier – “Sleep Upside Down” feat. Open Mike Eagle


Western Canada-based producer Factor Chandelier links up with Open Mike Eagle for this anthemic and insightful tune titled “Sleep Upside Down.” The production is dynamic and quite cinematic with its cinematic textures, heavenly horns ad brass lines that blend perfectly with Open Mike’s uplifting messages.


JMise – “Frankenstein”


JMise makes his entry on our site with his new single “Frankenstein” which showcases his detailed storytelling prowess. Over a cinematic and moody backdrop, he tells a tale of the classic monster Frankenstein.



WARD – “47”


Emerging rapper WARD shares the new single “47” a reflective record that sees him in the soul-searching mode for his true goals. Over the groovy backdrop Produced by CoreyArnell, WARD takes us on the journey of an individual who attempts to wad through life filled with systemic racism, past traumas, and more.

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