DMV-raised producer TerrenceEsquireHuggins returns with his new compilation album Euphoria which sees him teaming up with a handful of artists in the genre of R&B. The 11-track body of work is a showcase of some sort as we get to feel Huggins’ multi-faceted production skills and the many talented vocalists who always bless his tracks with their unique voices.


The project starts off with “Say It Again”, a mellow sensual R&B tune ripe with sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that detail the rising passion between two individuals. The downtempo production sure sets the tone for the project’s overarching R&B theme. Tierra Tierra” taps the vocal talents of Tae Breaux who delivers a solid vocal performance over the dynamic and atmospheric soundscape laid before her. The track dives into a fledgling relationship and how the indecisions made by a partner never bode well and Tierra has to take the high road by moving on. This is followed by “Lay With You” featuring Newland who pours his heart out on wax about unreciprocated feelings with his girl. Next is “Runnin”, a dreamy future R&B jam that explores the feelings of being lovelorn for that special person who makes their life special. The vocals by Jadelle Dior and Mary Poppin are unapologetically heartfelt and candid as they sing “Don’t you keep running, boy, Don’t you keep running from my love”.



“All Night Mix” has that quintessential modern quiet storm vibe with its ethereal and moody pads and off-kilter vocal samples underpinned by more sensual melodic runs. On the guitar-pluck-driven “Can’t Help It”, singer Ballad gets vulnerable and shares his weakness for true love and how the girl who caught his heart is not giving him the same energy. “Cry” is a solemn and emotional track that talks about heartbreak and sadness when love turns sour. The singer holds nothing back and confesses that his past love did him wrong and that he is man enough to shed tears and face the hurtful truth.Singer/songwriter Jaae makes an appearance on the sublime “On Me” while Gigue makes two appearances on “Let Him Go” and “Rememba”. The former uses the classic Diwali drum groove and lush textures that are underpinned by Gigue’s airy vocal runs while the latter employs afrobeat drum grooves with hypnotic pads and synths which set the tone for Gigue’s patois-laden melodic performance.


The project closes out with Newland on “Sorry” and Lu on “Pressure”. “Sorry” is an open apologetic letter crafted by Newland to his girl and he apologizes for treating her wrong and he is ready to make amends and make things right between them. “Pressure” tones it down with its sublime production and ethereal aesthetics while the singer delivers a somewhat carefree and unassuming vocal performance ripe with reflective lyrics.





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