The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ashton Blaze – “Birthday”


Ashton Blaze celebrates with his new single “Birthday”. The aptly titled track is bouncy and filled with adulation-filled raps that centre on turning it up and getting lit.


Ace Fontaine – “don’t give up”


Ace Fontaine drops some much-needed gems on our playlist with his new release “don’t give up”. The track is made up of a solemn guitar riff and warm textures all underpinned by his insightful lyrics that dwell on keeping one’s head up during hard times.




Coline Creuzot – “Say It”


Hard-working singer/songwriter Coline Creuzot delivers this soothing track “Say It” for our playlist. The record has a retro-pop feel with a futuristic edge made up of rich cinematic and soulful pads and punchy drum grooves underlined by soft percussions. Coline draws deep from her emotions as she revels in the feelings rising from a newfound flame.  The lyrics are heartfelt, and emotionally powerful enough to convey to listeners the heightened tension that we all feel when we meet our one true love.



No Town Vandal – “No Town Vandal” (feat. D-Low Beats)

Toronto-based lyricist No Town Vandal makes his debut on our playlist with “No Town Vandal”. The introductory track is produced by D-Low Beats who laces him with a dark, cinematic boom-bap soundscape to reveal himself. The Vandal sure knows how to make an entrance as he proceeds to break the mould with his gruff vocal tone and bravado raps filled with wordplay and unique rhyme schemes. This is a solid introductory track if you asked me.


Li Scott – “Listen”.


Uprising singer/songwriter Li Scott delivers her new single “Listen”, a midtempo R&B/hip-hop infused track that sees her showcasing her versatility to the fullest. She seamlessly switches from mellow melodic runs to unapologetic raps on this track and her knack for penning heartfelt lyrics is unprecedented. Watch the visualizer for “Listen” here.




YK.TJ – “Demon Time”

New Bedford-based rapper YK.TJ is on the prowl during “Demon Time” and he shows how his go-getter mindset gets him through. The production has the standard trap elements while his fiery flow and relatable lyrics all work together. He reminds us that he is ready to go the extra mile to achieve his goals.




LoCeRa – “DOPE”

Uprising artist LoCeRa serves us some “DOPE” as he drops his new single. Over a piano-laden trap backdrop, he embodies the spirit of a go-getter and states his claim with his commanding flow and stylish lyrical schemes.



Onaje Jordan – “92 Diamond D ft G Fam Black” (cuts by Tone Spliff)

Chicago producer Onaje Jordan and G Fam Black embody the spirit of “92 Diamond D” in this solid hard-hitting collaboration. Bolstered by Onaje’s cinematic backdrop, G Fam Black takes the reins with his gruff vocals and bravado-laden bars. He is also joined by Tone Spliff who slices up some solid vocal scratches for the hook.



Drop Dead Lane – “evoL”


The rap duo Drop Dead Lane aka DDL deliver their new single “evoL”. The track has a solemn and contemplative vibe and is ripe with heartfelt and insightful lyrics that dive into love, loyalty and self-discovery.





Bachi – “Fake Friends”

Bachi sets the tone for the year with “Fake Friends”, a guitar-driven beat produced by 100Graham.  The record is ripe with soothing melodic runs and relatable lyrics that dive into the concept of loyalty and true friendship. He is also joined by vocalist Kat Hall who adds a smooth melodic chorus into the mix.



Schema – “Higher Ground”


Indie underground rapper Schema takes the “Higher Ground” in his new release. Bolstered by a punchy boom-bap backdrop, he reminds us that he is doing well but only time will tell as the cookie crumbles.



tobi zoë – “Sprung In The Summer”

Leeds, UK-based singer/songwriter tobi zoë makes her entry on our playlist with “Sprung In The Summer”. The song has a laidback and sombre vibe with it’s Latin guitar riffs, punchy drums and warm textures all underpinned by her distinct and commanding vocal runs. The lyrics dwell on blossoming summer love and the rising emotions that come with such feelings.


K’nek – “Bread Winner”


K’nek‘s “Bread Winner” is a contemplative tune that explores the daily struggle he had to overcome to get to where he is now. Over a sombre piano and guitar-driven backdrop, he takes us back to the start when he was a young kid who wanted to get into the music industry. He takes us through the ups and downs, self-doubts and fear till he finally got the strength to chase his dreams.




Shawn Mocey x HosseinAmin – “Sowing Seeds”


Shawn Mocey teams up with producer Hossein Amin for this uplifting track titled “Sowing Seeds”. The backdrop is anthemic and hard-hitting and is perfect for Shawn’s energetic flow and insightful bars that dwell on the concept of self-growth and progression.



sOuL from the O x Durand Bernarr – “Own It All” (feat. Durand Bernarr)


sOuL from the O teams up with Durand Bernarr for this smooth jazz-hop tune titled “Own It All”. The track is ripe with vivid storytelling that implores listeners to embrace their inner strength and seize the day in order to chase their dreams, We get to hear the talks of a young woman who uses social media as a way of escape from her mundane life but she knows there’s more to life, and she’s ready to seize it. The second verse focuses on a young man caught up between the streets and raising his family. The situation forces him to make the right decision and he takes the right steps to become the father his child deserves and earn back the trust of his community.



Terrence Esquire Huggins – “DUMB” (feat. Mary Poppin’ & Mayo Angelo)

Rapper/producer Terrence Esquire Huggins teams up with Mary Poppin’ and Mayo Angelo for “DUMB”. The track is a hard-hitting track that explores the dynamics of relationships in this modern era. Over the dark cinematic backdrop, the emcees share different viewpoints and arguments from the male and female perspective



Phil.Me – “GROUNDED” (feat. UNION.)

Emerging artist Phil.Me caught our ears with”GROUNDED”. A contemplative tune that explores the daily struggles he had to overcome to get to this point. He also looks at his journey thus far and the things that made him tick.



ADST Music, Let The Dirt Say Amen, Sean Born, Damo Hicks – “Summers Eden”


DMV-base ADST Music links up with  Let The Dirt Say Amen, Sean Born and Damo Hicks for “Summers Eden”. As the title suggests, the track is ripe with a soothing vocal sample and bright guitar licks and hushed drums while the raps are vivid and bravado-laden. All the emcees deliver the goods in copious amounts and deliver the proverbial summer heat on wax.



Poetic Junior – “Above The Rim”

Poetic Junior makes his entry on our site with his self-produced track titled “Above The Rim” which is a perfect introductory track taken from his new project,The Walk-On. Here, he speaks on his life from a young buck his family and the ups and downs that shaped him.


Big Man G – “Window Seats”

East Moline, IL raised rapper/songwriter Big Man G gives us a glimpse through the “Window Seats”. The guitar-driven beat is soulful and sublime and sees the rapper in full contemplative mode. He is also a member of the Sons of Mars (SOM) collective and a frequent EastSide Sounds collaborator.


Loose Change – “What You On”

Loose Change poses the question “What You On”, a sample-driven tune that blends bravado and insightful themes in his own unique manner. He sure knows the assignment and flows on the beat with an impassioned demeanour and vivid lyrical schemes to match.



Bobby Part Time – “402 Banyon Lane”


Multi-talented artist Bobby Part Time takes us to”402 Banyon Lane” in his hometown of Philly. Over a sombre guitar lick and punchy drums, he runs through his childhood and family situation and how the separation between his parents shaped him.





StoneTribe x Kat Hall – “One Love”

“One Love” is a genre-bending collaboration between StoneTribe and vocalist  Kat Hall which showcases their versatility to the fullest. From the rousing dancehall grooves, to rich and layered guitar arrangements, Kat delivers a gripping vocal performance ripe with uplifting themes that aim to soothe our spirits with lyrics like “Music is the healer, it’s my weapon of choice. Freedom is expensive but it’s free to use my voice.”.




jjad – “Glide”

Canadian singer/songwriter jjad drops this smooth tune “Glide” which dives into blossoming love and the rising emotions that come with it. Over a sublime and ethereal soundscape, he delivers a soothing melodic performance ripe with adulation and reflection about this new self-discovery and feeling.


VerseBorn x Iceburg Snub – “Base Rock”

VerseBorn and Iceburg Snub team up to make the “Base Rock” in this new collaborative effort. Over a cinematic and punchy boom-bap backdrop, the emcees weave intricate tales of overcoming adversity, taking charge of one’s destiny, and staying loyal to the streets that raised them.



ADVICE x Randy Mason – “Health is Wealth” (feat. Rob Ayala)

ADVICE teams up with Randy Mason for the insightful track titled “Health is Wealth” which is produced by the late Rob Ayala who were all teaching artists for the same company together. The beat has a warm and reflective vibe with punchy drums to boot and sees both emcees sharing some insights into healthy living from eating the right food and having the right mindset. The song also comes with a dope scratched hook by TeKstHC this track brings together a classic/new feel.


Bobby Part Time – “Peter Piper”


Philadelphia-based rapper Bobby Part Time embodies the spirit of “Peter Piper” in his latest single. The track is fun and punchy and starts with a hilarious vocal snippet that leads into a thick 808-laden backdrop. Bobby doesn’t let up and delivers bars upon bars that dwell on his game and how the ladies are all on deck.


Plotki – “strange man”

Plotki makes his second entry on our list with “strange man”, a jazzy-soul-infused track rich with live instrumentation and layered sampling. His vivid and descriptive lyrics draw listeners into his world where crazy events occur.


DemarcoTheMan – “flewcrew”


Alternative hiphop artist DemarcoTheMan teams up with producer Jesse Shirts for this new single titled “flewcrew”. The track is quite eclectic and made up of solemn and psychedelic textures and punchy drums. It sure strays from his previous releases and showcases how he pushes the envelope with every release.


Chizlonies the Lord – “FRAUDS”


Chizlonies the Lord‘s “FRAUDS” s an unapologetic track that sees him in his element as he breaks down how he moves through life and his way of separating the real from the fake.


Freddolo – “Hitman Synopsis” (feat. Blu)


Indie rapper Freddolo links up with veteran West Coast lyricist Blu for this hard-hitting tune titled “Hitman Synopsis”. Bolstered by a moody and somewhat atmospheric soundscape, the duo brings forth engaging bars from start to finish.


K Hella – “Kevin”


K Hella delivers an introductory track titled “Kevin”. The solemn and vocal sampled track shows listeners what makes the Sacramento emcee tick.




Emmitt Dupree – “Stepson”

Emmitt Dupree flexes his verbal biceps in his new release “Stepson”. Bolstered by a cinematic backdrop, he reminds us of when he was the underdog playing the background but now he is breaking the mould with his distinct style.

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