The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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PAZ el Pana – “MK ULTRA 3000”

Brawley, CA-based PAZ el Pana digs deep into the human psyche with his new single “MK ULTRA 3000”. The self-produced brooding and experimental track is underpinned by PAZ’s commanding vocals and off-kilter lyrics. The Song is taken from his upcoming EP: delusion. (which is only available right now on Soundcloud as a cassette play)


Miles Anthony – “Apocalypse”

Philadelphia PA-based rapper Miles Anthony introduces verbal “Apocalypse” in his latest effort. The anthemic track sees the lyricist laying down the law on the detractors and naysayers alike.The track is taken from his new EP “Monster and the Margarita”.

LoCeRa – “Okay Clearer”

LoCeRa make his way to our playlist with “Okay Clearer”, a reflective piece that is anchored on self admission, awareness and coming to terms with one’s decisions. The beat is dark and brooding and LoCeRa’s commanding vocals and graphic lyrics are gripping.



BP Infinite – “Kill or be Killed” (feat. RJ Payne, Skyzoo)


Producer/mix engineer BP Infinite launches “Kill or be Killed”, a new hard-hitting single featuring super lyricists RJ Payne and Skyzoo. Over BP’s dark and ominous backdrop, the two emcees blend graphic morbid imagery with finesse while launching verbal darts at the opposition. The result is a testament to their skill as time-tested lyricists who are ready for verbal war. “Kill or Be Killed” is available now through all major DSPs, with BP Infinite’s compilation LP of the same title set to drop on August 9th via DSPs and vinyl through Common Virtue Records.


.zone – “flex”.

Durham, North Carolina,-based producer .zone teams up with Defacto Thezpian for “flex”. The track is a punchy lofi/experimenatl piece that is underpinned by intense raps and vivid lyricism





Mike Nasa x Klara Zangerl x Dexter Eliot – “Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)”.

“Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)” is a soul/pop/hip-hop-infused collaboration that brings Mike Nasa, Klara Zangerl and producer Dexter Eliot together. Over the plucky synths, rich basslines and dreamy textures, Mike and Klara deliver soul-stirring performances as they dive into the shady side of the music business and how they weave through the sea of shady individuals who thrive on taking advantage of people.





Teefa – “Problem”.

Emerging rapper/songwriter Teefa reminds us of her fiery style in the aptly titled tune “Problem”. Over the cinematic and brooding backdrop, Teefa embodies the spirit of the champion as she dispels the rumours and puts the detractors to rest with hard-hitting bars.



Dann Dib – “Perhaps”

Dann Dib and producer TwinTwo team up for “Perhaps”, a smoky and hazy track ripe with rich chords and punchy trap drums. Dann delivers a laidback melodic flow with vivid lyricism.



Kiseme – “Fuck That Shit”.


Kiseme‘s “Fuck That Shit” is an aptly titled track that talks about being self-critical and it’s merits on one’s life. Backed by the jazzy and soulful backdrop, Kiseme details his experience with the daily grind and how sometimes he doesn’t see him pushing harder than he should. Overall, this is a message to listeners to do the work.


NieceyNi – “Round n Round”


Alternative singer/songwriter NieceyNi makes her entry on our playlist with “Round n Round”, a punchy and bass-laden tune that is underpinned by her expressive and stylish cadence. She brings a blend of sultry and hushed melodic runs with edgy raps with an unapologetic message of living up to one’s true potential.


Factor Chandelier – “Without A Trace”.

Factor Chandelier and Codefendants team up for “Without A Trace”, a heartfelt and reflective tune about loss and family. Over the warm and solemn production comprised of rich guitar licks, lush strings and punchy drums, the artists give listeners a profound view of life and how short it can be. The fusion of country, soft rock and hip-hop on this is seamless and adds a lot of diversity in terms of songwriting and style.



JAN3T – “Holy Days”

Singer-songwriter /multi-instrumentalist JAN3T, releases her second single  “Holy Days”, a mellow experimental track that blends acoustic guitars with dark electronic textures. The track explores life after experiencing love, whether in the form of a relationship or the world in the general sense. Her vocals have a distinct, airy and brooding feel and the songwriting is profound as well.



Abby Power – “Free Palestine” (Prod by SamXVI)”

Abby Power‘s “Free Palestine” is a heartfelt and thoughtful track about the ongoing war in Palestine and how it indirectly affects everyone. The production by SamXVI has a sombre and reflective vibe that sets the tone for Abby’s thoughtful lyrics and call to action as she implores everyone listening to lend a hand and continue raising awareness about the ongoing genocide. The track is free on all platforms but we suggest for you to donate to the following charities/organisations HERE.



Will tha King – “My World”

Will tha King takes us into his world in his latest single “My World”. Over the mellow and sublime soundscape, Will shares his thoughts on how life is and his struggles as a young black man finding his footing in an unforgiving world.




DJ Heron x Choco Valens – “Culture Shift”.

DJ Heron teams up with Choco Valens for “Culture Shift”, a single from the new episode of House Of Heron. The track is a hard-hitting and off-kilter piece that is underpinned by Choco’s expressive and energetic flow and vivid lyricism.

Watch the official episode of House Of Heron feat Choco Valens here.



Aimee Raquel – “Get to Know Ya”.

LA-based singer/music producer Aimee Raquel delivers her first single “Get to Know Ya” which showcases her unique melodic and genre-bending production style. The self-produced track is ripe with warm summery vibes with hushed drums and her breathy and alluring melodic runs.

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