The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Divine Wizz – “Flores De Entre Los Muertos”


Divine Wizz pours out her heart in her new single “Flores De Entre Los Muertos”. The sombre piano-laden soundscape is underpinned by her vivid lyricism and emotionally punchy performance as she pays homage to her aunt who tragically lost her life while shopping while the Buffalo shooting occurred. 


Saif – “Opportunity”

Saif gets introspective in his new release “Opportunity”. The heartfelt track is as insightful as they come and makes use of punchy and soulful soundscapes underpinned by Saif’s commanding flow and vivid lyrics that detail his rough upbringing and his comeuppance. He is joined by singer Ubai who adds a smooth melodic hook to complete the job.



Emi Secrest – “DAP (Diamonds Are Pressure)”


Memphis, Tennessee-born, Los Angeles-based soul singer Emi Secrest gifts us with this uplifting tune titled “DAP (Diamonds Are Pressure)”. The uplifting record is bright and showcases her distinctively smooth melodic runs and soul-stirring lyrics that dive into her own struggles and how hard times made her stronger than ever. It’s definitely a perfect song to get one out of the doldrums and push through hard times. DAP is currently featured on The D’Amelio show; Emi is Charli’s vocal coach and friend.


Sir Hop – “Rollin_Final”

Sir Hop makes his first appearance eon our list with his new release “Rollin_Final” which sees him in full bravado mode. Over a bouncy and brooding soundscape, he aims at the apex while flexing on the haters and detractors alike.



HiJinks – “Shamu”

United Grind founder and Play Havoc Emcee HiJinks drops some verbal bombs in his new single “Shamu”. The B-Ready produced banger is as hard-hitting as they come as HiJinks waste no time in setting the tone with his commanding vocals and authoritative lyrical schemes. “Shamu” serves as the first official single from HiJinks’ solo debut album entitled iLLficionado set for release in early 2023.





Young Quise x MoneySign Hines – “7 Figures”


“7 Figures”  is a reflective record from Young Quise and MoneySign Hines. The duo deliver introspective and insightful bars about their daily struggles and tribulation in an unforgiving world.


Bloodlin3 – “Panic Attack” (feat. Young Collage)

Newly formed independent record label/rap collective Bloodlin3 is taking the world by storm as they drop their new single “Panic Attack” which sees them teaming up with Young Collage. Over a cinematic and anthemic soundscape, we get a clear picture of their distinct melodic machine gun flow and vivid lyrical schemes. “Panic Attack” is their second single and it’s a metaphor for making others nervous as they break into the rap game.



Turban Rapper – “The World We Live In”

Turban Rapper takes time to reflect on real-time issues around the globe in his new single “The World We Live In”. From the numerous conflicts, tragedies and calamities, he reflects on how we all got to this point and pours his frustrations on wax as he imagines the pain form the innocent people who get caught in the crossfire.



Red November – “LU$H”


Newark, New Jersey-based rapper/producer Red November shares the new single “LU$H”, a mid-tempo sublime piece that details the process of self-growth, self-expression, and finding his true North.




Lujza – “Shoulda Woulda” feat. Michael Kay

Lujza teams up with Perth-based singer-songwriter Michael Kay for this heartfelt breakup anthem titled “Shoulda Woulda”. Bolstered by a punchy piano-laden soundscape, Luzja reflects on a what-if situation and reminisces on the ups and downs and why she had to leave the situation for her own inner peace, she is joined by Kay who gives his own perspective.




Xuper Heru x Genesis Da God x High Sunday x Bison – “CROSSING LINES”

Xuper Heru, Genesis Da God, High Sunday, and Bison deliver this hard-hitting posse cut in the form of the new single “CROSSING LINES”. Backed by a gripping and menacing soundscape, each emcee proceed to wreck havoc on the microphone with a variety of flows and rhyme schemes. This is the second song on The Xuper Heru Album Titled HERU.


David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam – “Simple Love Song”

David Jonathan & The Inner City Bedlam share the single “Simple Love Song” off their debut album 400. The mellow love ballad has smooth jazz and neo-soul aesthetics with its crisp piano progression, lush guitar plucks, warm textures and lively horn section underpinned by soothing melodic runs filled with lovelorn lyrics.




Kiseme – “Rick James”


Kiseme gets back to the grind in his song “Rick James” which is an anthem for the go-getters. Over a laidback soulful sample-driven backdrop, he delivers with his distinct stream-of-consciousness flow and implores listeners to go out and get their bag.



Novel Utopia – “Strangers [Live Prototype]”


Novel Utopia is a genre-bending band based in LA and their new release “Strangers” gets a live treatment. From the warm jazzy piano progression by Sam Reid, Sultry melodic runs by Lead singer Kennedy Williams and smooth verses by Chicago-born, LA-based spoken word artist, wellness educator, and yogi Deep Red.


888moment – “See the Light”


Rapper/producer 888moment shares “See the Light” which serves as the intro to his album Kill Your Ego! The self-produced track is built on rage synths with a psychedelic texture-laden boom-bap bounce in the verse section. It’s quite cinematic and strays from the norm with the off-kilter melodic chorus and poignant verses.


RIYAN – “The Bay”

Australian artist RIYAN makes his entry on our site with his new single “The Bay”. Over a sublime and moody soundscape, he delivers a heartfelt message about wanting to travel the world and go to The Bay area in California to meet a fan of his who reached out to him via social media.



X (Ten) – “Night Owl (2015)”


X (Ten) shares “Night Owl (2015)” from his 2015 project Love X. The track has a sublime and airy vibe and flips a classic soul sample as well. The track sees him pouring adulations on the lady that caught his eye.



Sicknature – “Plastic Sun”


Veteran Danish rapper Sicknature reminds us that you can’t get no vitamins from a “Plastic Sun”. Over a punchy and cinematic soundscape, he delivers an authoritative performance ripe with the mantra of not falling for the fakeness.


Rowlene x OXLADE – “Neverland”


South Africa meets Nigeria as singer/songwriter Rowlene teams up with afropop star OXLADE for this smooth love ballad titled “Neverland”. Over soft guitar licks and warm pads, both singers wax lyrical about love and pain.


gyoni – “Bittersweet”


Australian rapper gyoni makes his entry on our list with his new single “Bittersweet”. A laidback and heartfelt tune made up of smooth guitar plucks and mellow drums that match his emotional performance. The lyrics are reflective and heartfelt.


K’aynna – “Woman”

K’aynna‘s new single “Woman” is a smooth and heartfelt tune that shows listeners what a good woman is in the true sense. Over a lush guitar riff and punchy drum groove, she shares the many positive attributes of the quintessential good woman. This is perfect and hopefully many can learn a thing or two from the gems she dropped on the track.



kingB – “U”


kingB is working on a forthcoming EP entitled Retroflection but in the interim, he shares his new single titled ‘U”. The track has a classic 90s R&B vibe and showcases his unique melodic runs and heartfelt songwriting in a single breath.

Stream it on SoundCloud.




Noraa x MERON x deathbypeanuts – “Somebody Else”


Cologne Germany-born, Berlin-based singer/songwriter Noraa is on an impeccable run as she drops a new single “Somebody Else” which sees her teaming with longtime collaborator deathbypeanuts and singer MERON. The track is a laidback sublime track made up of lush textures, smooth guitar licks, and mellow drum grooves to boot. The track is a smooth love ballad that dives into being truly in love with someone.


J.I.Bri – “Sweet Victory”

J.I.Bri pens a “Sweet Victory” anthem dedicated to the naysayers, doubters, and detractors. Over a sparsely arranged bouncy soundscape, he shows the haters that their negative energy can’t throw him off his game. “Sweet Victory” is the second single from the J.I.Bri and ILLI project, ILLA THRILL.


Secret Rendezvous – “Crush”

Secret Rendezvous share their second single “Crush” taken from their upcoming EP. Over a lush and soulful soundscape, they detail the blossoming emotions that come with being infatuated with the hottest person in the room. The lyrics are heartfelt and relatable and the melodic runs are alluring and memorable.


Al Merlot – “Irregular” (feat.Emagine)

Al Merlot is a Solo Artist/ Producer from Jacksonville, Fl who is slowly building his rep. His latest release “Irregular” sees him teaming up with fellow emcee Emagine for a bravado-laden track. Over a bass-heavy drill soundscape, both emcees remind us that they are ready to go the extra mile to achieve their goals.


Tuan X – “Black Panther”


Emerging rapper Tuan X embodies the spirit of the “Black Panther” as he stands up for his folks. Over a bass-heavy and cinematic soundscape, he reminds listeners that he is not bowing down and holding the mantle for justice in his own way.



SMOON x Leafs – “ALIVE”


Cheyenne, Navajo native SMOON teams up with Mexican American emcee Leaf for this brilliant collaboration titled “ALIVE”. Over a punchy and somewhat moody soundscape, both emcees hold nothing back and deliver unfiltered and unapologetic rhymes coupled with a catchy hook.

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