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Melissa L. Shannon – “Creatures Of The Night



Emerging rapper/songwriter Melissa L. Shannon shares her new release titled “Creatures of the night”, a thoughtful record that explores the darkest period in her life. From being introduced to the streets at an early age to witnessing the craziness and surviving it, she gives listeners a vivid and candid look at street life and the many consequences that come with it.





Kid Travis gets into his bag as he drops a new single “COMING DOWN” which sees him delivering a melodic rap performance over a smooth guitar-laden soundscape. 


Taboo Punx – “The Dust Off”


Indie alternative rapper/poet Taboo Punx comes through with “The Dust Off”, a cinematic bouncy track that sees her explore her tumultuous past. Her use of accentuated flows and vivid lyricism sure makes her stand out.




Fred The Godson x Mally Stakz – “Steph Curry”

The late great NY lyricist Fred The Godson keeps giving us the goods as his team releases the Mally Stakz-assisted single “Steph Curry” which once again showcases the rapper’s unmatched punchlines and wordplay. Over the laidback smooth soundscape, he spits game to the ladies reminding them that he is all net no brick when it comes to the box. Mally Stakz adds his own melodic runs to the mix and it’s perfect.



Chelsie Denice – “Barely”

Chelsie Denice makes her entry on our list with “Barely”, a heartfelt track that dwells on the challenges in relationships. Over a somber and moody backdrop, she tells a tale of a partner who is not putting in the work to make the relationship work but always asking for the most.



Jonathan Shapiro – “Milestones”

Jonathan Shapiro is about getting work done in his new single “Milestones”. Over a punchy trap backdrop, he muses on his journey and experiences as he makes moves to get to the apex of his career.



Conrad Jon – “Shower Sex”

Conrad Jon‘s “Shower Sex” is a vivid tale of lust, debauchery and to some degree love. Backed by a bouncy and ethereal soundscape, the rapper takes us deep into the mix of things as he gets involved with different women who are a bit off the edge.


Juvy – “M$”

Canadian rapper Juvy drops a new single “M$”. a mid-tempo track that is ripe with unfiltered lyrics and a stream-of-consciousness type flow and performance.




Lord Sko – “Jumpshot”

Lord Sko‘s “Jumpshot” is a heavy lyric-driven single that showcases his lyrical style and go-getter mentality over a somber and reflective soundscape. The Single is from his upcoming Album Museum.



KS24 – “Destined”


Emerging Cardiff, South-Wales raised rapper KS24 makes his entry on our site with his new release titled “Destined”. The track details his personal loss, self-doubts, and daily tribulations which he shares over a punchy drill soundscape made up of thick basslines and a chilling vocal hum.




Statz x CJ Monét – “TRUSTINME” FT. CJ Monét (Prod. Ashton McCreight)


“TRUSTINME” is a heartfelt love song by Statz and CJ Monét, over a soulful and alluring backdrop. Both acts detail the emotions that swell up after falling in love and being vulnerable with one’s partner and enjoying each moment.



Margiela Myers – “GUTTA”


Canadian rapper Margiela Myers drops “GUTTA” which is his eighth single and showcases his eclectic style. Over an ominous and haunting backdrop, he delivers a melody-laden performance ripe with vivid lyrics about his humble beginnings and his recent accomplishments.



Jamar Carr – “Get It” (feat. D. Thompson)


Jamar Carr and longtime collaborator D. Thompson deliver a new single “Get It” which dwells on their hustle mentality and winner mind state. Backed by a punchy moody backdrop, both emcees explore their lives as they make moves to feed their families and make sure their dreams come true




Dylan Naber – “Don’t Wanna Listen”


Emerging rapper Dylan Naber makes his entry on our list with the new single “Don’t Wanna Listen”. Over the upbeat backdrop provided by Jake Tompkins, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with evocating lyrics about the naysayers and haters who try to detract him from his goal.



From Backwards x Count 4dB – “You See What You Wanna See”


San Francisco, California-based rapper/producer From Backwards teams up with Count 4dB for “You See What You Wanna See”. A moody and somewhat cinematic track ripe with rock elements with boom-bap drums. The record dwells on perception and how we want to see what is pleasing to us instead of the stark reality.






ABSYTE‘s latest tune “EASE” is a motivational track that aims to uplift the black community. Over a rousing and soulful backdrop, she details all the ups and downs of racial strife, and disenfranchisement of the black community, she digs deep to find the positive and amplifies it to the fullest. In a nutshell, the track places focus on Black Excellence and the need for our community to remain focused on advancing our culture instead of promoting internal beef.



BP.frm.NC – “I Still Love H.E.R.”


BP.frm.NC‘s “I Still Love H.E.R.” is an ode to Hip-Hop blending the old school with the new school for a fresh retake on Common’s “I Used To Love H.E.R.” He makes use of the same instrumental and comments on the current state of hip-hop with a heavy sigh of nostalgia.



dezabel – “With You”


Zurich-based musician and producer, dezabel returns with a new single “With You”, a smooth pop-infused dance track that is ripe with soothing melodic runs and catchy chorus. It boasts elements of synth-pop and west coast vibes in a modern dress.


Jefe Yung E – “21 Years”


Jefe Yung E’s “21 Years” is a track that details the rapper’s pursuit of his dreams as he weaves through the cesspool of life. He acknowledges his flaws but he shows that keeping the faith and having inner determination goes a long way.




James Owk – “Take Me Up”



Emerging rapper James Owk makes his entry on the list with “Take Me Up”, a heartfelt track that sees him pouring his frustrations on wax. Over a soothing and sublime backdrop, he takes us into his world filled with daily pressures and trials and he just wishes for a rocket ship to take him up into the skies far away from the craziness down below.



DJB x Cody Nash x ILL EFFECT – “Anything is Everything”


DJB, Cody Nash and ILL EFFECT return with “Anything is Everything”, a heartfelt and somber tune that dwells on the dynamics of toxic relationships.



SHOWTIME RAMON – “Supercharged” (feat. Chuuwee)


Sacramento rapper Showtime Ramon‘s new single “Supercharged” sees him teaming up with fellow Sac-town rapper Chuuwee for a solid bar-fest. Over the moody and dark backdrop, both emcees display pure lyricism and their message of leveling up and becoming whatever it is that you aspire to be in life.
Stream it on All DSPs here.



David Cruz – “Now And Then”


Costa Rican rapper David Cruz’s “Now And Then” is a reflective upbeat track that talks about his personal struggles. From personal loss, life pressures, and more, Cruz reminds us that every now and then, some bad ish happens but it’s really up to us to move the right way instead of being emotional or down.



Khi’leb – “Where the Food At?”


19-year-old Ghanian/Australian rapper Khi’leb makes his entry on our site with “Where the Food At?”, a hard-hitting bravado-laden and thoughtful track that gives listeners a glimpse into his life. His older brother Wy’es is on production, bringing a razor-sharp modern feel to a dynamic and ambitious arrangement inspired by gospel chords and a street feel. Khi’leb’s debut EP is called Project in the Suburbs and is slated for release in September 2022.



Joey Mercedes x Robert PM x Brandon Markell Holmes – “It Goes On”


NY DJ/producer Joey Mercedes teams up with Robert PM and Brandon Markell Holmes for this dance-infused soulful record titled “It Goes On”. The track is quite dynamic and makes use of ethereal sounds laced with soulful keys and funky bass lines over thumping drum grooves and sultry melodic runs from Brandon Markell Holmes.





Eugenio Oliveras – “interlude (solo version)”

Eugenio Oliveras makes his entry on our list with “interlude (solo version)”. The beat provided by Babz is sublime and reflective which blends with Eugenio’s airy melodic runs. Eugenio Oliveras is an artist/producer from Lancaster, PA.

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