London, UK lyricist Loyle Carner releases his new single “Hate” and its accompanying visual which showcases his unique profound lyricism and songwriting. The record has a rousing drum groove ripe with a moody and somber piano arrangement that plays perfectly to Carner’s evocative lyrics about race, political assertions, frustrations, and fear in a society where nothing is at all what it seems. He gives listeners a glimpse into his life as a black British man and the varying social dynamics that come with it.

The self-directed visual is as engaging as the poignant, thought-provoking song itself as we see Carner going through a series of emotions as he drives along the highway. From being pensive, frustrated, excited, and angered, viewers get to him as a distinct individual channeling his true being with his art.

Greg Hackett also had a hand in the visuals and lent his assistance.

Stream “HATE” on all DSPs here.


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