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Dide – “Mental”.


UK-based Rapper/secret footballer Dide returns with his new single “Mental”, a mid-tempo reflective track that explores the different facets of his life. From making it out of the ends, to getting rid of distractions as he tries to find his true North, Dide give audiences an unfiltered look into his life.



Regan Aliyah – “Walkout”.

Regan Aliyah returns to our playlist with “Walkout”, an energetic and powerful anthem that serves as a reminder of one’s true potential. Armed with her commanding vocal tone and bravado, she flows effortlessly over the rousing and thumping backdrop while thrilling listeners with a myriad of metaphors and engaging rhyme schemes.




Blacc Phoenix- “Fake Love”.

Emerging rapper/songwriter Blacc Phoenix pours his heart on wax in “Fake Love”. The solemn tune comprises sad strings and soft drum grooves underpinned by a relatable tale of love gone sour. Blacc gives audiences a deep dive into the trauma he endured by fake love and the aftermath left him jaded.


Razor J – “Overwhelmed”

Singer/rapper/songwriter Razor J shares his frustrations on modern dating in his new single”Overwhelmed”. Over a futuristic rap/pop-infused backdrop, Razor J gives his insight into the never-ending cycle of building relationships and the overwhelming feeling of starting all over again.



our june – “city at night”.

San Francisco-based artist and producer Neil Sethi aka AIR APPARENT made his entry on our playlist with  “city at night”. Here he teams up with our june for this cinematic world-building track that takes listeners down the cityscape of San Fran at night while drowning out the proverbial white noise as he tries to find his voice.



t.y. – “On That Note”.

UK producer t.y. and Kenny team up for “On That Note”, a reflective tune that explores the life of a young man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world.



SimplyRich – “Lie When You Love”

Los Angeles-based Georgia native SimplyRich returns with “Lie When You Love”, a mellow soulful piece that explores love, trust and goal chasing. Over a piano-driven backdrop, he delivers an emotive performance with insightful and reflective raps.


KIDNEXTDOOR – “Keep quiet”.

Emerging rapper KIDNEXTDOOR caught our ears with his new single “KEEP QUIET”, a reflective tune that explores his experiences as a young man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world. Backed by a sombre and brooding backdrop, the rapper unveils his journey to self-awareness.


The Deli (Moka Only & Baptiste Hayden) – “Like This” (feat. Declaime)

The Deli is the new collaboration project from the duo Moka Only and Baptiste Hayden and their single “Like This” features Declaime. The track sets the tone with solemn piano chords, moody textures and soft horn passes over sparse drum grooves underpinned by Moka’s commanding flow and Declaime’s playful style. The song is taken from the duo’s self-titled album is now available on Wandering Worx Records and distributed by URBNET.



J Shiltz – “Blowing Smoke” (feat. Estella Joan Angel)

J Shiltz returns to our playlist with “Blowing Smoke” featuring vocalist Estella Joan Angel. The soulful tune comprises warm chords and reflective pads peppered by J Shiltz’s insightful bars that implore us to always look at the bright side and keep pushing on.



Prometheu$ – “Trust the Process”

Ashburn, Virginia-based rapper/songwriter Prometheu$ enters our playlist with “Trust the Process” which shows him in his element. Over a vocal sample-driven and upbeat backdrop, he reminds us of how he stays focused on his business and the benefits of trusting the process instead of rushing it.




Metri Christ & Bo JaxSun – “Moonlight”.

Southside, VA-based rapper/poet Metri Christ and Bo JaxSun go for gold in their new collaboration “Moonlight”. The duo share their thoughts on tapping into a higher power to achieve goals over a gripping and cinematic soundscape comprised of orchestral vocal samples, dark textures, and punchy drums.



Juss Kev – “Cracks in The Noose”.

Juss Kev drops a thought-provoking and insightful piece titled “Cracks in The Noose”. Here, he talks about the political landscape and the many characters that have come to change the mood and how citizens react to the ongoing drama.



Stephanie Rodd – “Stronger Than Ever”.

French singer/songwriter Stephanie Rodd delivers “Stronger Than Ever”, an anthemic tune that centers on human resilience and overcoming one’s fears and self-doubts. Backed by a surreal and atmospheric soundscape made up of glimmering synths, warm pads and sparse drum grooves, Stephanie talks us through the ups and downs of her experience with this thing called life. With all the challenges, failings and coming to terms with who she is, Stephanie shows us how she became stronger and better. “Stronger Than Ever” is the second track from her debut EP Recovered.




Lekan – “So You Know”

Nigerian-American R&B singer-songwriter Lekan makes his entry on our playlist with “So You Know”. The laidback ballad is a heartfelt and insightful track which talks about his journey, experiences and being misunderstood. The production is warm, and reflective and Lekan’s rich melodic runs are prevalent throughout and exude a gripping emotional punch.


Hamish Anderson – “You’re Mine”.


Australia-based singer/songwriter Hamish Anderson is a rising artist with an old soul and a young heart full of love for the blues. His latest release “You’re Mine” is a soul-gripping piece that captures the essence of blues with a modern contemporary twist. Bolstered by a rich guitar arrangement and overall sombre aesthetic, Hamish takes us deep into his life as he pines for that true love that gives him joy. The track is the second single from his forthcoming album ELECTRIC.




Jonathan Shapiro – “NO PLANS”

Jonathan Shapiro AKA Th3rtyThr33 returns two our playlist with “NO PLANS”. The summer-drenched track has hazy and dreamy textures with a punchy drum groove all underpinned by Shapiro’s laidback and nonchalant flow. As the title suggests, Shapiro introduces us to a new way of having fun with pure chill vibes.



Nick Grant – “FRIENEMIES”.

South Carolina-based rapper Nick Grant gives listeners a reflective and insightful track titled “FRIENEMIES” featuring GRAMMY-nominated singer, BJ the Chicago Kid. . The track is anchored on a soothing vocal sample with hushed drums peppered by Nick’s commanding vocals and descriptive lyricism that takes audiences into the mix of the action. From his take on what true friendship entails and the aftermath of falling out with close friends, Nick delivers a well-rounded and thoughtful perspective on the matter.



Psych Major – “Pre-Giuliani” (feat. Squeegie Oblong), by Psych Major

Psych Major takes us back in time with “Pre-Giuliani”, a cinematic tune that explores the early NY landscape with the help of Squeegie Oblong. The instrumental has a dark and scenic feel that adds a certain punch to the vivid lyricism and storytelling delivered by Squeegie. The track is taken from Pysch Major’s new EP , Old Head (Below System Records) out now via all streaming platforms the five-track project celebrates 90’s boom-bap style with discordant edges and pointed lyrics.






Johnny Burgos x Jeremy Page – “Plays For Keeps”

BK-born singer/songwriter/producer Johnny Burgos returns to the spotlight with his new single  “Plays For Keeps”. The Jeremy Page-produced mellow funk-soul tune is ripe with lush textures, pulsating bass-driven grooves underpinned by Johnny’s sublime vocal runs



K Hella x Jon Wiilde – “Someway Somehow”

Sacramento rapper K Hella and vocalist Jon Wiilde team up for this heartfelt tune titled “Someway Somehow”. Over a scenic and sombre soundscape, the rapper talks about the never-ending struggle of a fledgling artist hoping to reach his goals.



Lis – “24/7” Ft. Chris Patrick

Rising rapper Lis reminds us of his work ethic in “24/7” which sees him teaming up with Chris Patrick. Together the duo deliver a furry of hard-hitting bars laced with aspirational and motivational themes that audiences could use to boost their morale.



Olivia x KiDi – “Solo”


Veteran singer Olivia (formerly of G-Unit) teams up with Ghanaian afropop sensation KiDi for “Solo”. The summer love jam is ripe with rich hypnotic grooves, sultry melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics about finding true love with that special someone.








Leek – “Mad At Me”

Emerging Long Branch, New Jersey-based rapper Leek set the tone with his new release “Mad At Me”. The track starts with a solemn vocal sample chop and reflective keys underpinned by punchy drill drums and heartfelt lyrics. Here, Leek shares his candid thoughts and the things that make him tick as he weaves through this cesspool called life.

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