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Kolin – “Double It”

Kolin‘s “Double It” is about doubling one’s effort towards success regardless of the obstacles along the way. He makes use of a moody and punchy backdrop to share his thoughts on the matter.



RHYMAN – “Why We Gotta Kill Each Other?”


RHYMAN gets introspective on this soulful and reflective single titled “Why We Gotta Kill Each Other?” which dives into the way of the world where everyone is at each other’s throats. He delivers heartfelt and graphic imagery of the aftermath of war and the craziness it brings as he asks the pertinent question of why we all can’t get along and enjoy this short life.



Kuti Lego – “Melody”


Rising Nigerian afrobeat artist Kuti Lego releases his new single “Melody” which sees him working with his brother TMVIBES who produced the track. The chilled sublime track displays Kuti’s patois-tinged melodic runs and unique vocal tone.


ALVMNII – “No Doubt”


ALVMNII displays lyrical brilliance with unbridled energy in his new single “No Doubt” Over a bouncy backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with verbal darts for the opposition.


IIIA – “For Caravaggio”


Ireland-based rapper IIIA pours his heart out on this somber tune titled “For Caravaggio,” over a piano riff, he parallels his success with his inner troubles and tries to balance them.


Callmegulliver – “12AM In Limbo”


Canadian rapper/songwriter Callmegulliver is preparing to drop his debut EP and in the meantime, he shares his final single “12AM In Limbo” a mellow Latin infused track that explores his life and tribulations, from depression, self-awareness, and growth after a breakup.


Ayo Da Don – “Brick Walls Freestyle”


Ayo Da Don flexes his lyrical muscles in “Brick Walls Freestyle” over an anthemic soundscape, he showcases his pen game in all its glory.


Iso Indies x C-Rxch – “Ride Out” (feat. C-Rxch)


“Ride Out” is a smooth smokers anthem provided by Iso Indies and C-Rxch. The duo share their love for the herd and run through what they love about the stoner life and the medicinal effects.



Gentry Fox – “Twilight”



“Twilight” is a gloomy reflective tune from Gentry Fox. Bolstered by a somber and moody string-laden backdrop, he reflects on this thing called life and the things that may be.


A Kruse – “Never Going Back”


A Kruse is an indie emcee who caught our ears with his reflective single “Never Going Back” which dives into his background and all the events happening around him. Backed by a somber backdrop, he takes the listener into the mix with detailed and vivid lyrics.


Gat$ x Jordan Patrick – “JERSEYS”


“JERSEYS” is a collaborative single by rising Gulf Coast emcee Gat$ and producer Jordan Patrick. Over the somber and soulful backdrop, Gat$ delivers a laidback and insightful performance ripe with smooth flows and engaging lines.


SpenDoe – “To The Top”


Santa Cruz, CA-based rapper SpenDoe shares his new single “To The Top” on our list and it’s a smooth summer-tinged track that sees him reflecting on this thing called life. The production exudes the classic 90s boom-bap/jazz vibe and the lyrics are vivid as well.


DK – “What It Seems” (Feat. Skyzoo & Rome Streetz)



As DK & Ghettosocks prepare to drop their collaborative album titled Listen to the Masters, they share the lead single “What It Seems.” The mellow soulful cut sees the duo working with Skyzoo and Rome Streetz for a breakdown of the current state of politics, social economics, crime, poverty, and injustice. The result is a track that’s less about life being a bitch and more about how life is like a never-ending game of chess


Cullen James – “Pieces of a Kid”


Cullen James‘s “Pieces of a Kid” is a reflective tune about self-confidence and the struggles of an indie artist trying to find his footing in this social media age where things is not what it seems online.


June Miller – “4 / 28”


June Miller‘s single “4 / 28” is a somber cut ripe with ominous and moody soundscapes. June delivers a heartfelt performance that details the dynamics of toxic relationships.



Otis Fonde – “Red Eye”


Otis Fonde drops a new single “Red Eye” a guitar riff-laden bouncy track that showcases his smooth flow and stylish lyrics. It’s filled with a lot of bravado with vivid detail.



Rommii x Lil Spacely – “spaceship”


US producer Rommii and Australian artist Lil Spacely are drifting out in space with their new collaboration titled “spaceship.” The backdrop is energetic and cinematic while Lil Spacely’s vibrant flow and off-kilter lyrics take the cake. This surely strays from the usual and offers something refreshing and entertaining from the experimental soundscape and colorful rhymes.


HZU – “Whatever”


HZU (pronounced HEE-soo) is an up-and-coming LA-based Korean American artist who caught our ears with his new release titled “Whatever.” A mellow heartfelt record that dwells on the unpredictability of blossoming love and the dynamics between boy and girl with a focus on the downsides of playing it cool. It’s never that simple.


Mykii J x Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly – “And That’s It! (Remix)”

The duo of Mykii J x Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly return with this hard-hitting gem titled “And That’s It! (Remix)” The upbeat jam pairs the siblings for a solid 1-2 punch combination filled with fiery flows and a whole lot of bravado.

3-60 – “Hit Both Of Yaw”


3-60‘s new release “Hit Both Of Yaw” is a chilled but grimy track ripe with moody textures and thick boombap drums. Armed with his laidback flow, he gives us the true meaning of staying on course and getting one’s business dealings right on every level.


DJ Five Venoms – “Coldest” (featuring Doobie & Nems)


DJ Five Venoms brings out the “Coldest” emcees in his new release which sees him working with Doobie and Nems who deliver hard-hitting bars over the dark soundscape laid before them.


Juice Elliott – “Paper”


Juice Elliott‘s new single “Paper” is a mellow and reflective tune that talks about life, relationship, financial freedom, and the ups and downs of it all. Over a soulful groovy backdrop, Juice reflects on the craziness of life but implores us to hustle, make money cos maybe it’s better to cry in a villa in Jamaica than a 1 room apartment in the projects.


Buck 65 x Tachichi – “Other Side”


Tachichi and Buck 65 show us the “Other Side” a mellow track that dwells on the dynamics of love rather than focusing on the good times. It gives a nuanced view of things and reminds us that nothing is perfect.


Random Act of Violence (Pawz One & Evolve) – “Project Called Mayhem”


“Project Called Mayhem” is a dark gritty tune from the duo Random Act of Violence (Pawz One & Evolve). The duo delivers a fiery performance ripe with graphic and detailed lyrics that dwell on racism, systemic and institutionalized disenfranchisement that is steeped in American history for centuries. “Project Called Mayhem” is a track taken from Pawz One and Evolve’s new album Random Act Of Violence




Canadian rapper SCOTTISSEXY showcases his off-kilter and unfiltered style on his new single “WHO’S ASKING”. He makes use of a bass-heavy and punchy soundscape to share some of his encounters with some women and his luxurious lifestyle


Andrew Vogt – “Dusk”


Jazz instrumentalist Andrew Vogt shares the new single “Dusk” which is quite engaging. the track is soothing and rich with melodic vocal runs that engulf the soft drum grooves, lush keys, and gripping dynamics.


Jidé – “Level Up”


Jidé closes out the playlist with this hustler anthem titled “Level Up” Over a sublime and moody soundscape, he remains us that he is all about his goals and has no time for anything else. “Level Up” is his 3rd release of 2022.

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