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ItsErikson – “Alone”

Emerging Hungarian rapper ItsErikson shares this emotional track titled “Alone.” The track is moody and melancholic and explores the rapper’s fledgling relationship and his fears of the cons that come with staying in the situation. It’s quite relatable and heartfelt.

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Heir the Prophecy feat Ryan Jay – “Grateful”

“Grateful” is a heartfelt and insightful record that sees Heir the Prophecy teaming up with Ryan Jay.  The track is quite soulful with its airy vocal sample, melancholic piano arrangement, and crunchy drums. Ryan Jay delivers a vivid tale of his journey in this thing called life and takes time to count his blessings.

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The Dream Sequencs x Sareem Poems + Ess Be – “Amen”


“Amen” is a heartfelt and insightful song that sees The Dream Sequencs duo made up of Sareem Poems and Ess Be dive into what makes this life journey tick. From the uncertainties, ups and downs, they acknowledge that nothing is promised or set in stone so just make the best of it. The production is quite solid too, a mix of hard-hitting hip-hop and heavenly reggae grooves
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Acebergtm – “Danca”


Emerging Nigerian singer Acebergtm shares this smooth r&b/rap track “Danca” that was just too irresistible. “Danca” is from his Forthcoming Debut EP Far From Home.
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Goldfinger x Tigs – “I’m Not Hearing That”


Melbourne-based UK DJ/Producer Tigs recruits the verbal talents of Mancunian MC Goldfinger, of Virus Syndicate fame on the hard-hitting grime infused track titled “I’m Not Hearing That.” Over the cinematic and boomy backdrop, the emcee goes full throttle with the bars and sends a direct shot to the naysayers.


Ntitled x A-Zeus – “Talk That Shit”


Ntitled teams up with A-Zeus for a bravado-driven track”Talk That Shit” Backed by a moody and somber backdrop, the emcees go for the gusto with graphic lyrics and impassioned flow that implores listeners to talk the talk and walk the walk.
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The Thought x Marcus Lee x Day One – “Man in the Cage”


“Man in the Cage” is a reflective collaboration between The Thought, Marcus Lee and Day One. Over a soulful and warm texture, they dive into real-time issues ranging from personal struggles, mental health, and more.
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Sean Fiji – “Higher State”


Sean Fiji is on a “Higher State” as he drops a new single that dives deep into his personal struggles and journey as an artist.
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Lateb – “The Heat”


Peruvian American rapper/songwriter Lateb come through with “The Heat.” A gritty track that is ripe with a menacing backdrop and Lateb’s fiery and vivid lyricism about revenge and a cycle that never ends.
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Nyiam – “Sweet Tooth ( Catch 22 )”


Nyiam dives into love on “Sweet Tooth ( Catch 22 )” a smooth laidback track that showcases his excellent penmanship and unique style. Using a wide range of analogies, Nyiam makes references to Supermario, Craig David, Missy Elliot, GameBoy, and more on this entertaining track. Cuts by Dj Gio.

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Rx x 80empire – “On Top”


Rx and 80empire show us why they are “On Top” on this new release. From the smooth texture and bouncy backdrop to the insightful lyrics by RX, we get to feel his solid pen game that blends bravado and evocative elements.
“ON TOP” is off their upcoming EP LIFEAFTERLIFE.
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Moemaw Naedon x Billy Hoyle – “Dolphin Death Rainbow”


Moemaw Naedon and producer Billy Hoyle team up for some hard-hitting verbal slugfest titled “Dolphin Death Rainbow” The lyric dense track has a smooth cinematic mood and punchy drums that serve as the perfect backdrop for Moemaw Naedon’s vivid rhyme schemes and gruff commanding vocal tone. “Dolphin Death Rainbow” is the lead track from the 3 track release Human Speedball, with all tracks produced by fellow Pittsburgh producer Billy Hoyle.
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Cadence Weapon – “Eye To Eye”


Toronto-based rapper, producer Cadence Weapon shares a new single/video “Eye To Eye” as he prepares to drop his upcoming LP Parallel World. Cadence weapon go for a more visceral topic of police brutality and social injustice and was written in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and D’Andre Campbell, the assault of Dafonte Miller by an off-duty police officer and his brother, and the Amy Cooper / Chris Cooper incident in Central Park.
“Eye To Eye” is produced by AudioOpera and has a dark moody vibe with its pulsating basslines and cinematic sound design. The visual was shot by Director / Producer – Scott Pilgrim
Pre-order my upcoming album ‘Parallel World’ here. Get “Eye To Eye” on all DSPs here.


Marco Mello – “The Rhyme”


German hip-hop act Marco Mello pays homage to the legends that paid the foundation with his tribute song “The Rhyme.” The soulful track produced by French rap pioneer K-Mel (Alliance Ethnik) sees him spew a tale of a lyricist transported into an imaginary aquatic world of floating letters where he has to build rhymes from these letters to find his way out. The hook also interpolates Rakim and Mos def respectively.
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Illegal NoiZe – “The Fire” (feat. O.G. Willikers & Fluid)


Illegal NoiZe delivers this experimental offbeat cut titled “The Fire” which sees him working with emcees O.G. Willikers & Fluid. The dynamic backdrop is engulfed by fiery flows and styles as the production ebb and flow.
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Good People – “Feelings”


Good People make an entry on our list with”Feelings” a heartfelt and somber track that details the effects of men suppressing their feelings and emotions. It’s quite relatable and very unapologetic.



Alex Ludovico – “Born Winners” (feat. Primo Dirty)


Alex Ludovico displays the spirit of “Born Winners” alongside fellow rapper Primo Dirty. Over a bouncy and soulful backdrop, the duo delivers impassioned bars on their journey in this game and then some.
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Mo Nicole – “Friends”


Mo Nicole dive into the true meaning of friendship on her new single “Friends.” Bolstered by a cinematic and punchy backdrop, she shares her experience and general anecdotes for us to rock with.



B Shields – “Tomorrow”

Cincinnati-based rap artist B Shields pours his heart out on his new release “Tomorrow.” A warm, impassioned track that reflects on life and the struggles one must face before reaching ones goal.
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Charmaine – “Woo!”


Canadian rapper Charmaine delivers the video for her sexually charged upbeat banger titled “Woo!” Backed by a vibrant backdrop by Lantz & David Ariza, Charmaine delivers risque lyrics and embodies her sensuality to the max on the song. Director Isiah Blake helps bring it to life with a cinematic visual that captures the rapper’s natural energy without getting too explicit. The use of the classic car ride scene sure makes for a great interpretation of her being in the lead when it comes to her needs.

Stream/download “Woo!” here.​




Kamron Bahani – “Satisfy”


Kamron Bahani raises the energy levels with his go-getter anthem titled “Satisfy” Over a rousing trap backdrop, he unapologetically tackles the inner ego and jealousy one might harbor towards other people making moves. It is quite relatable but in the end, it’s meant to spur the inner hustler in the listener so shake off the hate and go achieve your goals.




Piff James – “Gangsta Shaman”


Piff James‘s “Gangsta Shaman” is a gripping piece ripe with evocative and boisterous lyrics peppered over a sparse dusty piano backdrop. The New Jersey native sure marks the spot with his off-kilter flow and lyrics that would put a smirk on the listener’s face. “Gangsta Shaman” is a self-produced loosie from the emcee as he prepares to drop a joint project with the LA-based Production duo, DirtyDiggs.
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