Viva0la and longtime collaborators Jua and Wez Atlas are back in the field with a new single “NEO EGO” and it’s accompanying visual. The three have had a solid run with their blend of jazz/soul/hiphop releases and as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. “NEO EGO” is an upbeat trap-infused track ripe with warm, lofi vibes and the trio’s knack for flipping between languages for great effect. Between English, Japanese, and French, listeners will be vowed with the effortless way they flow and deliver their verses in tandem. The exciting part is the ay the production switches up for each respective act showcasing their different delivery and cadences.


The music video, directed by Kazumi Watanabe was shot in the stylistic architecture of Tokyo with an emphasis on dark moody lighting. The seamless cut scenes and vibrant pacing sure make it exciting as well.

Listen to “NEO EGO” on all DSPs here.

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