Emerging UK songstress Hari makes her debut in grand style as she releases her official debut single “Craving” with some brilliant visuals to accompany it. The single sees her working with producer BMTJ who provides a jazz/soul backdrop for her commanding and sultry vocals. Bolstered by the warm, alluring textures, Hari delivers a sensual performance ripe with evocative and sexy lyrics about lustful thoughts of her mysterious lover after some time apart. The lyrics are quite subtle but suggestive enough so she sure approaches the subject matter in a classy and coy manner.

The visuals are directed by Jack Stangaard who help tap into Hari’s unique personality and natural sensuality. From the smooth seamless cut scenes, crisp lighting, and sexy costumes, Hari is placed at the center of it all in the visual.

“Craving” is the debut single from her upcoming EP Fictional Romance.

Get “Craving” on all DSPs here.


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