“’09, I told them ‘No Tears‘/Nowadays I’m yellin’ and screamin’ ‘No Fear…'”

Top $ Raz is back with a brand new project called Regular Black, and it’s nine tracks full of themes to get down to. It’s been close to two years since his last major release, The New Flesh and he’s been hard at work behind it. To him, this is his most important album that he’s released. This is an album that addresses many issues that African Americans face like identity, culture, and more. Give it a listen, and pay attention to the lyrics behind the production of J57, Jeff Spec, Ten-O-Seven, and more. Purchase the album here, and shoutout to Throat Chop Music!

“Regular Black”, the term often used by African Americans unable to trace their roots past southern state lines, is a very important album for me. It’s more than just music, it’s my life, my culture, and my identity. It’s what I’ve been calling myself for many years now, and while making this album I realized there are many other folks like me that identify with the term.


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