Always great to kick off with some good old inspirational gem. The gem in question is aptly titled H.O.P.E. from Brooklyn’s Divine. He teams up with singer LoVel over a bright, engaging backdrop by producer Ran Reed. Additionally Felicia Horowitz comes through with a short spoken word introduction that accentuates the deep message delivered by Divine.

Never give up, there is always H.O.P.E even in this crazy times.

A lot of rappers talk about getting out of the hood, but most never make it. Whether outside pressure, or lack of motivation be the reason, the results often lead to a dead end. But now we’re in a new time. The Information Age has eliminated many barriers, and created countless new bridges to bring people, and their ideas together, even if they’re from different worlds. One such case is Divine: the Fort Greene native who turned his life around, and doubled down on his talents to connect with business magnate, Ben Horowitz. Divine’s story, and music, both resonated with the Hip-Hop aficionado, eventually leading to a mentor-protégé relationship, that has remained strong over the past year. To commemorate how this partnership has influenced Divine’s life, and plans for his future, he’s pleased to offer some “H.O.P.E.,” to each and everyone of us. The track finds Ben’s wife, Felicia, offering an encouraging intro, with the Harlem based talent, LoVel, on the hook, over Ran Reed‘s inspiring production. However, it’s Divine’s uplifting display of lyricism, and passion for the craft that brings the track to full fruition. “H.O.P.E.” is the debut leak taken from Divine’s forthcoming, sophomore LP, Infinite Crime. If “H.O.P.E.” is any indication of what’s to come, we can remain hopeful that Infinite Crime will deliver…be on the lookout for the album’s release date, and more details!

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