We at Word Is Bond are proud sponsors of this special event (check the flyer above), held down in New York next month. Hosted by our sister Jessica Estevez (iHEART DILLA), this event is more about making a name for yourself independently and saluting those who are actually “doing it themselves“, as Top $ Raz so eloquently put it.

This event will be taking place over at Sullivan Hall in New York City, which will have Top $ Raz & Rugged N Raw performing themselves. Other acts will feature Hasan Salaam, RSNY (Rock Star Society), Phase One & Asa Buchanon (The Bugnanas), with DJ Jon Blak on the tables!

Sullivan Hall: website | facebook | twitter 
Jessica Estevez
(iHEART DILLA): website | facebook | twitter
Top $ Raz: website | facebook | twitter
Rugged N Raw: website | facebook | twitter
Hasan Salaam: website | facebook | twitter
RSNY: website | facebook | twitter
The Bugnanas (Phase One & Asa Buchanon): facebook | twitter
DJ Jon Blak: website | twitter

-The Word Is Bond

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