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Tay Toe – “The Chosen One”

Rising rap artist Tay Toe shares his new release “The Chosen One” and it’s a solemn contemplative tune that listeners can relate to. Over a smooth guitar-laden backdrop, he talks about his daily struggles and how chasing his dreams often gets clowned by others who don’t see his vision. Far from being a sob story, Tay Toe uses the negative energy as fuel to drive his ambitions and reminds us that he is not quitting anytime soon.



Sally Han – “One Last Time”


Emerging NZ-based Korean singer Sally Han makes her entry on our playlist with “One Last Time”. The single is a groovy soulful jam that dives into a situationship and the ups and downs that come with it. Knowing she can’t put herself through all the emotional stress, she opts to move on but the urge to experience intense intimacy one last time between her and the other individual is strong. Armed with her commanding vocal tone and style, she delivers an emotive and ear-grabbing performance ripe with soothing melodic runs and unapologetic lyrics that many can relate to.

The record was co-produced by Sally Han who besides writing and composing the song, also plays the bassline in the song.



EVL.3VIL – “Iron Cyclone” (feat. Sonnyjim)


Australia and USA collide as rappers EVL.3VIL and Sonnyjim team up for this moody and off-kilter track titled “Iron Cyclone”. Bolstered by the sparse and ominous production, both emcees deliver their distinct styles with much gusto with EVL’s nonchalant flow to Sonnyjim’s gruff vocals.

overunder – “The Drop”


Uprising artist overunder and Christian Foley team up for “The Drop”, a cinematic piece that hits the mark. The production is rousing and edgy with it’s sizzling synths, brass stabs and thick drum grooves all underpinned by emotion and fiery raps.



Marz Fay x ROME x Hen$haw – “VEXED”.


South London’s Marz Fay and ROME team up with Camden artist Hen$haw for “VEXED”. The track is an edgy and hard-hitting track that is bolstered by unapologetic bars and smooth melodic runs. All the artists involved sure brings that raw unfiltered energy to the forefront. “VEXED” is the third release from Marz Fay’s upcoming Collaborative EP Underground Storm which will be released on 23rd June 2023.



1Rich Park – “God Minded”.


1Rich Park is in his element in his new single “God Minded”. The production has a soulful and reflective feel while the raps are unfiltered and distinct as 1Rich delivers with his stylish drawl and use of off-kilter wordplay. “God Minded” is taken from his Pardon The Chains .5.





Mr.Kawira‘s “IM NOT FINE, THATS OK” is a soulful and contemplative track that dives into the concept of self-discovery and the growth that needs to occur in order to move to the next phase. The backdrop is quite ethereal and solemn but the raps are insightful and relatable as well.




Pawz One x Preed One – “Revenge of Silky Johnson”

Pawz One and Preed One plot their vengeance in “Revenge of Silky Johnson“, a hard-hitting tune that hits the speaker and crashes it. Bolstered by the gritty backdrop provided by Preed One, Pawz One embodies the hating spirit of the legendary Silky Johnson while posing the question “How are you a legend, beg, borrow and stealing?” forcing fans to look at who we consider heroes in Hip-Hop. This single is the first leak from the duo’s upcoming album titled Murals & Mayhem.




O.D.D.I.T.Y – “Thunder & Rain”


O.D.D.I.T.Y and Kynzi team up for this heartfelt love tune titled”Thunder & Rain”. The upbeat track has a sublime and dreamy texture that fits the duo’s distinct melodic performances. The lyrics are heartfelt and reflective as they dive into the effects of being in love under tumultuous situations.



Aspect852 – “Cooking”

Hong Kong-based hip-hop rapper/ producer Aspect852 makes his entry on our playlist with his latest release “Cooking”. The dark and cinematic track is made up of moody textures and a solemn piano arrangement over a sparse but snapping drum groove. Armed with his distinct accented flow, he delivers an impassioned performance ripe with insight and a lot of bravado, he is also joined by fellow rapper MildSauce who adds his own perspective on the record. The track is produced by Goonzie with DJ scratches from British DMC champion Dj Jabba Tha Kut.




Rising indie artist ITEE gets us to “WAKE UP” in her new single. The soul-infused rap track is warm and relaxing and showcases her stylish melodic flow and reflective songwriting. She dwells on the daily struggles dealing with family and life in general and the baby steps she has to take to get over.


Samuel Nimoson Jr – “u can’t face u”

Samuel Nimoson Jr bridges classic R&B with a touch of hip-hop in his new single titled “u can’t face u”. The production is dynamic and soul-gripping with its lively grooves and warm passes that form the perfect canvas for his unfiltered raps and melodic chorus that rises to a crescendo. The Norwegian sure raises the bar with this unique and innovative approach.


Doeman x Trizz – “TRIP TO THE LAnd”

Doeman and Trizz team up for “TRIP TO THE LAnd“, a rousing hard-hitting tune that takes listeners deep into the mix of the action. Over Poetics‘ cinematic and punchy backdrop, Doeman and Trizz deliver fiery bars that fully detail their respective hometowns and how things go down.



UraelB – “Moonlight” (feat. Mick Jenkins)


UraelB delivers a summer-tinged single titled “Moonlight”  which sees him teaming up with  Mick Jenkins. The result is a soulful and contemplative track provided by producer Bobby beats. Both rappers delivr emotional and heartfelt bars that explore their respective journeys as young black men and artists trying to make it to the apex.






Plotki – “Indecision”


Plotki reflects on the period in his life when he had an “Indecision”. The track has a sombre and moody backdrop that sure fits his laidback and nonchalant flow. The lyrics are quite solemn and relatable as well.





Ms Bobbie The Art Pixie – “Tere Bina”


Ms Bobbie The Art Pixie and BadAlphabet team up for  “Tere Bina”, a vibrant track that showcases pure lyrical skill from start to finish. The production is cinematic and somewhat atmospheric too.




LIFTD – “Don’t Trust”

Florida-based Indie artist LIFTD  delivers this reflective track titled “Don’t Trust” on our list. The track starts off with a voicemail and solemn soundscape that forms the perfect backdrop for LIFTD’s heartfelt lyrics that dwell on friendship, love and trust issues.



Cole Parker – “rocking all black” (feat. PHYOROM)

Cole Parker‘s new single “rocking all black” dives into the concept of self-discovery in a fleeting world and the need to focus on intrinsic things as opposed to material things. Over the sombre and melancholic backdrop made up of sublime vocal samples and moody strings, he and PHYOROM share their candid thoughts on the issue and give listeners a glimpse into their lives.



Canna Man & Dark Matter – “The Kraken”


Copenhagen-based rapper Canna Man and Dark Matter unleash “The Kraken” in their latest release. The track is made up of thick boom-bap drum grooves and cinematic textures that are underpinned by Canna man’s fiery flows and graphic bravado raps.

Jawn Locke – “KALI”


Jawn Locke embodies the “KALI” spirit in his new song taken from his new album. The track is dark and somewhat psychedelic with its off-kilter soundscape and insightful lyrics that dive into life and the hereafter.



ZENtheRapper – “Zen Apollo”

Alternative rapper ZENtheRapper takes us beyond the skies with his latest release “Zen Apollo”. The soulful track has a nostalgic aesthetic which blends with his impassioned flow and bravado raps.



XavierRoy x Carl C Beats – “Daydream”.

UK rapper XavierRoy and producer Carl C Beats team up for “Daydream”. The track has a summer and dreamy vibe and forms the perfect backdrop for XavierRoy’s reflective and insightful raps.



Mona B. – “Sunrise”.

Quebec-based French jazz singer Mona B delivers “Sunrise” in audio form. The single is vibrant and compelling with its chord changes, rousing drum grooves and her mesmerizing vocal runs that cut through the mix. “Sunrise” is the first single from her debut album (coming on the 23rd of June 2023). She is currently living between France and Quebec, where she is studying jazz at Laval University.


JJ Vee – “Prayer in Pain”


JJ Vee looks within and above in this insightful track “Prayer in Pain”. The guitar-driven track is as sombre as they come and takes us inside the mind of a man stuck in the doldrums and his struggle to reach out to God as he feels alone with just his prayers.


Brounin – “Chronic’le”


We head to the UK with rapper Brounin who takes us on an epic “Chronic’le” of events. Backed by the urgent backdrop made up of cinematic samples, he runs through a series of events and experiences that could make or break an individual.


Mav Mack – “Disbelief” (feat. GQ)


Greensboro, North Carolina,-based rapper Mav Mack delivers this bravado and insight-infused jam titled “Disbelief”. Over the ominous and dark backdrop, he and GQ share their thoughts on life and the daily struggles they face.


Zer0 Tolerance – “Get To It” (feat. Xai, TChill & StoneyDeluxe)


Producers Zer0 Tolerance and StoneyDeluxe team up with fellow hip-hop artists Xai and TChill for this smooth summer jam titled “Get To It”. The production has the classic West Coast bounce with its lush keys, cowbells, and bouncy bass-driven groove. The result is a west-coast anthem for the disciplined and consistent people who wake up every morning to chase their dreams.


StarEyes – “Call Me on My Telephone”

Producer/songwriter/singer StarEyes makes his entry on our site with his latest single titled “Call Me on My Telephone”. The track has that quintessential R&B aesthetic with its bright textures, sparse drums and overall 80s vibe all underpinned by his mellow falsetto melodic vocals.


Pierce Elliott – “Guilt Trippin”


“Guilt Trippin” is a contemplative tune by uprising artist Pierce Elliott who proceeds to uplift our minds. Over a sombre and atmospheric backdrop, he talks about survivors’ guilt and the need to look within to find the strength to stay positive regardless of the dark times.


Danny Kayy – “Euphoria”


Danny Kayy‘s “Euphoria” is about basking at the moment as the love blossoms because nothing lasts forever. Over a sublime R&B-infused backdrop, Danny delivers an adulation-filled verse that focuses on a lady who recently came into his life. He is joined by vocalist Trinity Giselle whose angelic vocal assist on the hook pairs perfectly with Danny Kayy and sets the mood. Everybody has those honeymoon phases often where you feel this rush. A high even. We want it to last but it’s not supposed to. It’s all about enjoying the moment, the Euphoria. With Trinity Giselle’s angelic vocal assist on the catchy hook, Danny Kayy delivers lyrics that set a mood. A vibey song for summer love. We plan on dropping a music video and various social media strategies to push the song after it’s released.


Shug – “Pretty Girls”

Shug‘s “Pretty Girls” is a vibrant synth-driven track ripe with thick 808 drums and cinematic textures. Shug gets into his element and delivers a melody-laden verse and catchy chorus to boot.



Don Cody – “I TRIED” (feat. 12AM)”


Bay area-based indie artist Don Cody help close out the playlist with his new single “I TRIED” featuring 12AM. The track has a moody and urgent feel and sees him reflecting on making the right decisions to keep a fledgling thing alive. He sounds remorseful and solemn with the verses and the chorus has a rich melodic element that keeps listeners locked in.

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