We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Nu Vintage – “Steady Rotation”


Nu Vintage opens up the list with “Steady Rotation”, a jazzy boom bap joint ripe with warm textures, alluring warm strings, and airy horns that exude a nostalgic feeling. It’s quite soothing and definitely a perfect way to kick off this week’s playlist.




Elaquent – “Tough Love”



Elaquent shares the new single “Tough Love” from his new album Long Drives To Nowhere. The production is as sublime and ethereal as they come with El’s punchy and sparsely arranged drum grooves, mellow somber tones, and crisp sound design to match.


Sun Deep – “Mind Games”

Oklahoma-based Indian experimental producer/instrumentalist Sun Deep makes his entry on our list with his new record titled “Mind Games”. The track is a cinematic and epic piece that blends a layered arrangement of sounds from hip-hop and different cultures from the east and West in a seamless manner. The punchy drum grooves, chant-like vocal samples, sitar riffs and nostalgic textures all add up to create a potpourri of sounds that trasnport the listeners to another plane.

“Mind Games” is taken from his forthcoming EP, Sifnos, which blends danceable beats with traditional Indian instrumentation. Released under Outpost 31 Studios, the five-track EP was inspired by Sun Deep’s visit to the Greek island, Sifnos, which ultimately led to his decision to pursue music full-time.



Riddoch x COMN Dan – “The Abyss”


Riddoch and COMN Dan team up for “The Abyss”, a jazz-infused boom-bap jam ripe with warm textures, lush keys, and punchy drums. The progression is pronounced as it moves along and subtle elements are added from moody strings, cinematic sound designs, and obscure vocal chops.

Rudi Montaire – “im Vorbeigeh’n – Instrumental”

Austrian producer Rudi Montaire makes an entry on our playlist with “im Vorbeigeh’n – Instrumental”, a chilled uplifting tune made up of bright textures, warm basslines, and bouncy boom-bap drums. It’s smooth and quite catchy too.

Sly Johnson – “Trust Me (Instrumental)”


Paris born-singer/vocalist, beatboxer, songwriter, and record producer Sly Johnson drops something funky at our doorstep in the form of this beat titled “Trust Me (Instrumental)”. The track has a solid drum groove, smooth funky bass guitar riff, and soulful synth textures to match.

Dial Choir – “THOU / Y’ALL”


Dial Choir is a production duo made up of Salingitus and Zeta Io, the duo teamed up in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Their latest output is an experimental jazz/lofi track titled “THOU / Y’ALL”. The piece is cinematic, dynamic, and off-kilter. From the airy piano riffs, ethereal sound design, and progression build-up, the duo brings something different and refreshing to the forefront.

Citero – “Mist”

Citero‘s “Mist” caught our attention and it was too good not to share. He makes use of somber strings fitted with orchestral aesthetics, dark moody basslines, and soft boom-bap drums. It’s quite dynamic as the ebb and flow are pronounced and there are some progressions heard with the inclusion of keys and mellow textures.

Binfolk – “ButtaDamnthing”


Binfolk makes his entry with “ButtaDamnthing” taken from his debut beat tape. The beat is clunky, choppy, and eclectic, love the guitar riffs, vocal samples, and punchy drums.

Chill Select, Ogi feel the Beat – “Deep, Down & Painted”

Chill Select and Ogi feel the Beat team up for this new beat titled “Deep, Down & Painted”. The result is a soothing and nostalgia-inducing beat ripe with airy strings, warm textures made up of crisp guitar riffs, ethereal vocal runs and solid drum grooves.

Flow-er – “Smooth Loop”

Flow-er makes his entry on our site with “Smooth Loop”, a punchy multi-genre beat that blends neo-soul with modern-day g-funk aesthetics. The lush keys and synths are prominent and the drums are groovy to the max.

CaliCronk – “Remember”


CaliCronk comes through with “Remember” a chilled, reflective tune made up of crisp guitar riffs, warm bassline, and mellow drums. It’s quite somber and nostalgic.

Milli Beat$ – “Beast Mode”


Milli Beat$ comes through with “Beast Mode” a jazz-infused trap beat that hits the mark. The beat is heavy and the borns are quite lush too. The beat also progresses with soft keys that add a dreamy palette to the overall vibe.


kBeats x Dan walters – “Summer zootin'”


kBeats and Dan walters team up for “Summer zootin'”, a splendid soothing beat made up of warm textures and nostalgia-inducing vibes. It’s aptly titled and gives that heartwarming feeling of the summer month.


$urfa – “Feel So Good”


$urfa makes his entry on our site with “Feel So Good”. A laidback sublime track ripe with hazy and atmospheric textures over smooth drum grooves. Perfect for a late evening ride.


Nu Vintage “Matcha Latte”

Nu Vintage‘s new release “Matcha Latte” is a somber, reflective track ripe with warm textures, moody strings, and airy flutes layered over smooth boom-bap-style drums. Perfect for that study time playlist

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