We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Manni Mono – “I Love Jazz”


Manni Mono displays his love for jazz in the aptly titled track “I Love Jazz”. The track has a sublime horn arrangement, dreamy pads and drum grooves underpinned by vocal samples.



YJKL x Sleepy Teddy Chillez – “Heat Frequency”



YJKL and Sleepy Teddy Chillez tap into the “Heat Frequency” to bring us this chilled summer-tinged jazz-soul piece. Blending rich piano chords, warm basslines and head-nodding drum grooves, the duo delivers a solid tune that will keep us warm in the winter season.


Sweet Creatures – “Rest You”.

Sweet Creatures caught our ears with “Rest You”, a chilled soulful piece that is made up of bright pads, lush synth arrangements and solid drum grooves.



Mystic DA Kid x Nolan Valero – “to ponder”.


Mystic DA Kid and Nolan Valero team up “to ponder” in the new collaboration. The blend of soul, lofi-R&B vibe all come together perfectly.



EisZ – “No Answer”

EisZ brings us this never-ending conundrum in the form of his latest release “No Answer”. The beat has a plucky and dreamy feel that draws listeners deep into a comfortable zone.



bedroom lofi x Late Night Tones – “Storm Clouds”.

bedroom lofi and Late Night Tones bring us light through the “Storm Clouds”. The warm pads, lush guitar strumming and overall relaxing vibe are as sublime as paradise.



Lofi Milk – “Study in Tokyo” (feat. Maho Fukami)

Lofi Milk recruits Maho Fukami for a quick “Study in Tokyo”. The mellow track is made up of soft keys, airy guitar plucks, mellow downtempo grooves and an overall relaxing feel.




Zmeyev x .EEhOU x Screen Jazzmaster – “Night Rhythms”.

“Night Rhythms” is a brilliant collaboration from the trio of Zmeyev x,EEhOU and  Screen Jazzmaster who deliver a soothing jazz-soul jam. From the pulsating bassline, snapping drum grooves, heavenly horn passes and soft keys, the piece sure hits the mark.



Kengi – “Oslo”.

Kengi helped us unwind with this new piece titled “Oslo”, which has a nostalgia-inducing vibe and warm aesthetics that invites listeners to dive in.



denada. – “Teal”.


denada‘s “Teal” kicks off with a soul-stirring guitar intro and proceeds into a soft alternate-pop piece with lofi sensibilities.


Goson x Beats By Alice – “Golden Hours”


Goson and Beats By Alice usher us into the “Golden Hours” where dreams come true. This layered piece has an airy vibe courtesy of the guitar melodies, soothing strings, pads and an enthralling sound design that adds a layer of emotional depth into it.



moon.walken x KJM – “Interstellar”

Producers moon.walken and KJM team up for “Interstellar”, a smooth piece that is comprised of rich acoustic guitar riffs, ethereal pad-synths and soft keys to match. This is a perfect beat one can study or use as a form of relaxation.




AMIA – “Fallen Dreams”

AMIA makes his entry on out playlist with this sombre and reflective beat titled “Fallen Dreams”. He uses airy pads, hushed drums, sparse guitar plucks with bright keys to create a soothing ambiance that listeners can rock with.



kozebeats – “elevate”.

kozebeats helps us “elevate” with his new effort that sits perfectly on the playlist. He uses rich guitar plucks, watery sound design, layered jazz instrumentation and a soft drum groove to match. The result is a blissful piece that we all can rock with.



Lofi University – “Sleeping Gently”.

Lofi University’s “Sleeping Gently” is a mellow and soothing piece made up of soulful guitar plucks, and sublime pads with sparse drums that come together like white on rice.


Elusive Tuna – “blur”.

Elusive Tuna gives us “blur”, a laidback lofi-soul piece with warm tones, hushed drums and a throbbing synth-bass that keeps the dynamics of the arrangement smooth.



PINK STEREO – “The Commute”.

PINK STEREO helps us wrap the playlist with this solemn piece titled “The Commute”. The flute-laden piece hinges on nostalgia and how it affects human emotions and it’s a brilliant effort that soothes the mind.

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