Parris Wright is a rapper/songwriter who has recently rebranded himself after a change in musical direction. This has allowed him to create music more freely, with meaning and purpose, evident with his latest releases “REBIRTH The Isolated One”. The rapper believes he is here to spread love and unity through his music and to uplift, inspire and educate the youth, in the most crucial years of their lives. With time away from music and finding solitude, he has found his path, which has allowed him to exist in his own lane where he is much more happy and free. Parris wright is an amazing talent, gifted with the ability to capture an audience with the way he arranges words. He is a free spirit that just wants to create art and have the freedom to do so. its not about the money, its not about the fame, its about making the world a better place through self-expression, visual art and poetry.

‘Black Diamonds’ is a song to uplift the many people of colour, especially black people, who have faced years of oppression and inequality but still rise through it all. I wrote this song surrounding the death of George Floyd and wanted to speak my mind, speak on a topic that is uncomfortable for many and give my honest depiction of my black experience. This song is a conversation starter for those who are open to dialogue. Black Diamonds is realising this fight for justice isn’t a black and white thing it is a good against evil thing and that evil, just so happens to be racism. We are one race, all born with love as our light, unique in our own way, yet very much the same. Made up of different pallet choices we form the human race, this is a song about peace, love and unity.

“After researching the background and definition of a black diamond i started to see the subtle undertones used to describe a Black Diamond and I could see the similarities of how black and white people have been compared throughout history, in the same way black and colourless diamonds get compared, I found this interesting and wanted to use the term as a metaphor. Whether a Black, white or coloured diamond they are all made from the same chemical composition/material.” Says Parris.

After you have watched the video above, remember to stream the song on Spotify and Apple Music then check in with Parris Wright on Twitter.


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