Kibah Joseph and Katchii! drop a song that uplifts and espouses their significant other in this poetic number they have titled ‘Queen’. Whoever the girl is that inspired this song should be given a gold star for bringing out the vulnerability in this guy who has quite an interesting personal story. In these times when it has become very important for the woman to be uplifted and protected, this song could not have been any more timely. Kibah Joseph goes on to give great details about the queen he is making reference to:


“The song is about finding the right person for yourself, not only for your own egotistic personality but for the aspect of yourself. A girl that will make you grow better as a person and from the first sight has always accepted you for your flaws and mistakes. A girl that is there for the long run because after everything she witness, you will always show her that you are worthy by trying your best to make things work and showing that your are fully committed to her.”


Hailing from Brixton, South East London, Kibah Joseph who is a rapper and producer got introduced first into the scene as one of the founders of the collective SlickTalk. Growing up in the projects, Joseph gained his inspiration by the struggles of his surroundings. Together with the members of Slick, Joseph presented his Single “Take Care” in 2020. Which gained attention for its unique word play and most unfamiliar vibes.

Known for his out spoken characteristic, Joseph has continues to tell his stories through his music. Following the loss of his mother and the broken relationship at home, he has decided to use his talents as a way of escape.


“They may see me struggle, they may see me cry but they will never see me Quit….” he says and continues; ”Music for me is freedom. A way to express the true feelings of ones soul, another way of escaping the dark world we live today. What I desire is happiness, so as long as I can make my music I’ll be happy.”


Kibah Joseph is live on Twitter and Instagram so make sure you are letting him know how much you dig his material.

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