Welcome to the  2nd week of April and as usual, we got another batch of dope hip-hop produce for y’all. Let’s show some love and support to these hard-working producers who keep sending heat our way.

 livid – Yeahwhatever

Livid‘s “Yeahwhatever” is a laid-back, boom-bap cut that blends chilled chords, some heavy lead synths, and a simple bass line. Sometimes less is more.


K.F.M. – Fallen Empress.

 K.F.M.’s “Fallen Empress” sounds like something out of a sci-fi horror flick. He fuses down-tempo trap elements with dark synths. Check it out right away. This is his 3rd release after the releases of ‘Trap Dreams’ and ‘Da Chemical Brotha’

SlimYungMan – Therapeutic.

Raleigh, NC based producer SlimYungMan delivers a soothing soundscape in the form of his single “Therapeutic”. The 21 year old producer is originally from Maryland and is currently working on more material.


Tactilian – Vacant.

The newest single release from American-born, Lao-based producer Tactilian. Shifting to more steady grooves and frenetic tempos than his last major release (vista_01 tape), “Vacant” serves as a style/tonal teaser trailer for things to come in the near future.

Prom Kings – Diamond

This song is the first single off an upcoming Instrumental Mixtape produced by Prom Kings. Prom Kings is an east coast producer, looking for Hip-Hop/R&B artists to collaborate with.




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