We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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3League – “Raleigh Scattering


3League’s “Raleigh Scattering” is a sombre and nostalgia-inducing piece made up of airy and atmospheric textures with haunting pads seamlessly layered over punchy drums.


We, The Lost – “Classical Trap”

“Classical Trap” by We, The Lost is an interesting mix of genres and as you can guess it takes Classical elements and hiphop. The trap drums are punchy and the moody orchestral aesthetics are seamlessly fused into it.

vhskid. – “Holding Hands Forever”

vhskid. got us in our feelings with his new effort titled “Holding Hands Forever”. The track is as soulful as they come and the use of mellow piano progressions, warm textures and tone really ramp up the evocative feeling.



Soulful Playground – “A Dollar Story”

Soulful Playground shares with us “A Dollar Story”, a cheeky and somewhat moody track that is made up of rich guitar riffs, haunting strings with punchy drum grooves.

You can watch the highly entertaining visualizer here.

Jonny Rythmns – “Suspended in Motion”

Jonny Rythmns‘s  “Suspended in Motion” is a laidback atmospheric beat made up of sparsely arranged drums, airy synths and arpeggios. It’s simple and effective as well.


Remek Kossacz – “Colored Corners”

Norwegian producer Remek Kossacz gifts us with “Colored Corners”, a mellow groovy jam ripe with excellent guitar riffs, layered synth and pads. The fusion of live instrumentation with electronic aesthetics makes for a solid listen.


Stormz Kill It – “Trenches”

Stormz Kill It makes an entry on our list with “Trenches”, a sombre guitar-laden track underpinned by moody textures and punchy trap drums.




Fawlty – “Baby Hmmm”


Emerging producer Fawlty‘s beat “Baby Hmmm” is made up of vocal hums, moody basslines and drums. It’s simple and quite effective too. The sample is well chopped and overall gets the job done.





We, The Lost – “Lost Dog”


We, The Lost is a new producer who caught our ears earlier on in the list and now he has another gem titled “Lost Dog”, a brooding and somewhat reflective beat that we all can rock with. It is made with sombre strings and a lush piano riff and it’s quite relaxing.




Ethan Cage – “Cosmic Bell – Instrumental”

Ethan Cage‘s “Cosmic Bell – Instrumental” was released a while back but we just had to share it with our audience. The track has a brooding texture made up of airy pads, and mellow bells with a steady drum groove to boot. Overall, it’s sombre and reflective to the core.





Neil Donkin – “Siren”

UK producer Neil Donkin caught our ears with “Siren”, a cinematic and dynamic piece ripe with atmospheric textures, a steady double bassline and moody pads to boot. “Siren” is taken from his new album, Halcyon.



Kaboom Beats – “Exclusive”


Kaboom Beats makes his entry on our list with “Exclusive” which is a mid-tempo banger. The production is crisp and the use of lush synths and exotic sounds works well over the punchy trap drums




Milli Beat$ – “ZION”

Milli Beat$ drops “ZION” a mellow lofi piano-driven beat ripe with a smooth bassline and head nodding drum grooves. The switch-up with the guitars is brilliant and adds a different touch to the record.




BLACKVAULT – “Yanna Plays Keys”

Producer BLACKVAULT delivers “Yanna Plays Keys”, a smooth moody track underpinned by pulsating basslines, orchestral synths and brass riffs bolstered by rumbling trap drums.




SlimYungMan – “Gen 1:3”

Prolific producer SlimYungMan closes out this week’s instrumental list with a reflective and soothing track titled “Gen 1:3”. The title is a reference to the famous bible scripture where “God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light”.
The track is composed of soft piano riffs, warm airy textures and smooth drum grooves to match. This is the opening track to his new album entitled Dedicated.

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