The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Jordy – “Forty Acres”

Essex-based rapper Jordy comes through with “Forty Acres”, a moody reflective tune that showcases his storytelling abilities. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and vivid lyricism, Jordy takes listeners deep into his life and shares his journey thus far. It’s taken from his new 6-track EP, KMT.



Luccini Sweets – “Inner Stellar” feat. James Izcray


Luccini Sweets links up with James Izcray for “Inner Stellar” a track that fuses future soul/neosoul with hip-hop aesthetics. Over the atmospheric and sublime backdrop, Izcray delivers a soul-stirring melodic run ripe with vivid and evocative songwriting that dives into the free self-conscience and the inner aspirations we all have.








Shawn Mics – “The Little Things”

Shawn Mics pours his heart out in “The Little Things”. A mellow reflective tune that sees Shawn searching for the little joys life can bring.  The track is a somber look at how we often take life for granted especially when it comes to our loved ones. The record was written after his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and it gave Shawn the impetus to vent his thoughts the best way he knows how. This is the title track of his album The Little Things.





Datta Boy – “Woah” (feat. T~Real & Lavay Cole)

Datta Boy teams up with T~Real and Lavay Cole for “Woah”, an upbeat guitar-laden tune that serves as a smooth summer jam. The autotuned vocals are smooth and work alongside the vivid party lyricism displayed by the trio.



Riley Writtens – “Rat Race” (Feat. Joey Golden)

Riley Writtens‘  new release “Rat Race”  dives into the daily struggles we all face just to stay afloat in the never-ending cycle of life. Over offbeatninja‘s smooth jazz-infused lofi backdrop he implores us to take time to smell the roses because the drama never stops, the track also features  Joey Golden who adds his own 2 cents .




Mr. 44 – “Who Want It” prod. by HellahMentals


Cleveland, OH rap veteran Mr. 44 lifts our spirits with “Who Want It”, an aspirational track ripe with a cinematic soundscape provided by HellahMentals. Mr. 44 hold nothing back and delivers a blend of bravado and insightful lyrics that aim to raise our consciousness and give us the impetus to get up and get something. Check his EP out now on Bandcamp.



Estella Dawn – “Orange”


It’s been a minute since we heard from New Zealand artist Estella Dawn so it’s splendid she hit us with something fresh in the form of her new single “Orange“. The lively record is ripe with lush guitar riffs, bouncy percussions, and warm textures that blend with her commanding vocal tone. The track is quite bright and exudes a feel-good summery vibe that we all could rock with.




Too Dapper – “Cages to Rattle”

Too Dapper  showcases a wide variety of styles in “Cages to Rattle” where he employs a somber and reflective backdrop to share his thoughts on his journey thus far.





SlimYungMan – “Courtesy”


SlimYungMan  drops a new release titled “Courtesy” which sees him musing on how people take kindness for weakness. Over a punchy and cinematic backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance ripe with varied inflection and cadences and a whole lot of vivid lyricism.




Your Crush Naked – Broken Trees”

Emerging producer/singer duo known as Your Crush Naked make their entry on our list with their debut single “Broken Trees”. Made up of Italian producer Comakid and Moroccan singer/songwriter Nacarat, the duo blend a distinct mix of r&b/soul with their respective backgrounds and heritages. Over a smooth and sublime backdrop, Nacarat delivers a heart-gripping vocal performance ripe with evocative lyrics and soothing melodic runs.

“Broken Trees” is released on the London-based Web3 label DRRT Records.

Philly G – “No Smoke”


Boston-based songwriter,/rapper Philly G shares a new single “No Smoke” on our playlist. The hazy and summer-tinged track is as smooth as the summer breeze and sees Philly in his element as he delivers a solid performance. The rhymes are solid and ripe with insight and aspiration elements as well as that good old bravado.



Jordan Ace – “Same Thing”


As Jordan Ace prepares to drop a. new project he gives us a new single “Same Thing”. The track is built on a moody ominous backdrop while Jordan delivers smooth performance with his calm demeanor and the lyrics are thoughtful and vivid.


Conscious – “Cases”


Conscious caught our ears with “Cases” a chilled lyric-driven track that is filled with vivid imagery and somewhat off-kilter bars. The somber backdrop is engaging too and soulful and fits his vocal inflection and varying cadences.




Emerging emcee WHOGO shares some interesting tales in “TRIP”. a mid-tempo vocal sample-driven punchy track that talks about his journey thus far. From personal loss, wins, and losses, WHOGO gives listeners a broad view of it all.


Riodan – “Time Zones”


UK emcee Riodan is about the grind in his new single “Time Zones”. Over a piano-driven somber backdrop, he details his daily struggles and rises to success as he pushes through the obstacles to get the finest thing in life.


RoQy TyRaiD – “Tyraid Tuesday 10”


RoQy TyRaiD continues his music series with the new installment “Tyraid Tuesday 10”. The track makes use of a vibrant and dark soundscape courtesy of UK Grime legend Silencer aka Teddy Music. RoQy doesn’t hold back and flows effortlessly and mixes a healthy dose of thoughtful rhymes, real-time issues, and bravado with a wide range of cadences to match.


SHOWTIME RAMON – “Expansion”


Sac-town emcee SHOWTIME RAMON is branching out in his new single “Expansion”. The track is cinematic and moody and sees him in his element dropping wild and off-kilter rhymes with a nonchalant demeanor.
The track is from Rare Breed 3, a double-track ep.


EYERAP x Copywrite – “SITDOWN”


“SITDOWN” is a mellow and hard-hitting collaboration between EYERAP x Copywrite. Over an ominous and creepy soundscape, both emcees bring nothing but pure lyrical mayhem.




HENRY CASTRO and producer DYLBABY team up for this insightful and soulful tune titled “PARADISE”. Bolstered by the lush and smooth backdrop, Henry delivers a heartfelt performance ripe with thoughtful bars.


Ruin the Poet – “Words of Mine”


Emerging rapper Ruin the Poet shares “Words of Mine”, a feel-good jam that dives into his day to day activities amongst other things like showing love to those who are by his side and cherishing every moment before it is all over
Words of Mine is taken from Ruin the Poet’s debut EP Self-Aware. Realization,


Mick Mazin – “Newports & New Porsche” (feat. Akimi)


Mick Mazin makes his entry on our site with “Newports & New Porsche” a summer vibe track that is as smooth as they come. Over a sublime and warm backdrop, the emcee delivers feel-good bars with impassioned energy and he is joined by Akimi who adds a soothing melodic touch to the tune.


Ello.C x Dxvndre – “Mirrors”


Australian Hip Hop artist Ello. C and Dxvndre share “Mirrors” a single from their new collaborative EP titled Iron Sharpens Iron. The mellow track is built on a somber and somewhat moody backdrop proved by Lumin8 and vivid heartfelt lyrics from both emcees who take time to reflect on themselves.


Ali and Smoke – “92 Barcelona” featuring Sinning Rello, Chubby Senxei, Blessxuno, WVN, Shyland Flowers


Carolina duo Ali and Smoke come through with this solid posse cut titled “92 Barcelona” featuring Sinning Rello, Chubby Senxei, Blessxuno, WVN, and Shyland Flowers. The result is an anthemic tune filled with a plethora of rap styles that listeners can appreciate. The track is produced by Bogar.


Uncle Fester – “Double Down”


Canadian producer Uncle Fester teamed up with rap trio Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules, & Savilion) to bring hard-hitting bars to the forefront in this new release titled “Double Down”. Backed by a dark twisted punchy backdrop, the trio proceeds to wreck the mic with a no holds barred style and we love it.



Nolan Skye – “Danko”


South African emcee Nolan Skye gets into his element with the catchy single “Danko”. A mix of bright bouncy soundscapes, catchy hooks, and witty bars and darts for the opposition.


ELIS NOA – “Mad about You”


Singer/songwriter Elis Noa shares her new single “Mad About You”. The dark pop elements do shine through with the moody, sparse backdrop while her sultry pained melodic runs cut through the mix seamlessly. The lyrics are evocative and profound as well.
Taken from her second album I was just about to leave.


Matt Nye – “This Thing Called Life”


Matt Nye goes back in time with “This Thing Called Life”. A reflective tune that details the dynamics of his life and relationships ranging from his folks, friends, and ex-lovers. The backdrop has a moody vibe and the lyrics are vivid and honest from start to finish.

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