The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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jesi – “Money Makin’ Mitch”

Hertfordshire-based rapper jesi shares “Money Makin’ Mitch” which is a homage to the classic film Paid In Full. The track has a mellow and sombre vibe and his use of laidback and nonchalant flow works perfectly over it.



Patrick Walters – “Spirit Bomb” (ft. Markus Aurelyus)

Alternative Toronto-based hip-hop artist/poet Patrick Walters shares “Spirit Bomb” featuring Markus Aurelyus. The tribute tune starts off with a heartfelt spoken word performance that slowly builds into a soul-stirring piece. Over the sombre and sparse soundscape, Walters pays homage to a close friend who passed away a few years ago with vivid and engaging songwriting. He is joined by singer Markus Aurelyus who threads the track with a soulful melodic chorus.



Showrocka – “All I Want for Christmas is Bars – Radio Edit”

Showrocka is up early as he pens down his wishes in “All I Want for Christmas is Bars – Radio Edit”. The holiday-inspired tune sees him teaming up with SPEK ARSON and AnSoLu. Backed by bright, uplifting samples and boom-bap drum grooves, the emcees share their frustrations on the state of hip-hop and express what they really want for Christmas, which is pure lyricism amongst other things.



Khi’leb – “Everything Above”

Australian rapper Khi’leb drops “Everything Above”, an anthemic tune that is ripe with fiery raps laced with insight and bravado. Backed by the hard-hitting backdrop provided by DJ OROSA, Khi’leb delivers an energetic performance that is both entertaining and engaging.



Kyon Ball – “Take My Hand”

Singer/producer Kyon Ball shares his song “Take My Hand” on our list. The mellow love ballad showcases his versatility as an artist. Armed with a distinct vocal tone and a crisp soundscape, he pours adulations on the lady who caught his eye.



Barbaydose – “Practice”

Rap group Barbaydose know a few things about work ethic as they show us how they “Practice”. The song is a reference/homage to the famous press conference by Allen Iverson while simultaneously championing the act of practicing your craft. Over the dark and cinematic soundscape, the rapper reminds us of the positive effects of having a good craft and being consistent.



Miss Benzo – “New Cast”

Singer/songwriter Miss Benzo drops new single “New Cast”, a punchy and energetic tune that sees her taking charge of her life after going through a tumultuous relationship with a toxic partner. Over the dark soundscape, she delivers her verses with a confident and no holds barred demeanour and reminds them that it’s her time and nothing is not going to hold her back.





Been Dope makes his entry on our playlist with “NIGHT FLOWERS” a soulful track produced by Metanite. The rapper blends a mix of bravado with reflective lyrics and a playful charisma.


S.Crow – “Simpler Times”

S.Crow takes us back to “Simpler Times”, way before facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Over a sombre and reflective backdrop, he runs through his childhood memories, from life-changing events and friends that have gone their separate ways.


VSN – “Kennedy Rd.”


VSN drops the new release “Kennedy Rd.”, a smooth brooding track that sees him in his element reflecting on his life, love and daily struggles as he tries to get his ducks in a row.


Br00klyn James – “Real Recognize Real”


West meets East as Southern California native Br00klyn James teams up with legendary Wu-member Cappadonna of Wu-Tang and fellow SoCal native KToefornia. The song in question “Real Recognize Real” is a smooth adulation tune that sees both rappers heaping praises and tributes on the queens in their lives and trade stories of ladies who deserve their love, while Br00klyn responds with sultry vocals that ride the track and send the love right back.


Bonnie Blue – “Storms” featuring Silvandgold

Bonnie Blue brings the ruckus with Silvandgold in their own style with the new single “Storms”. Bolstered by the brooding boom-bap backdrop, the duo jump right into it blending insightful bars that dwell on real-time issues with a dash of bravado. From the current socio-political landscape and daily struggles, they both break it down with much gusto.



Royale is ME – “The Arena” (feat. Revo Belle, Cleva Thoughts, and Lolo DaBoss)”

multi-faceted songwriter, arranger, engineer, and lyricist, Royale is ME presents the new single “The Arena” which serves as the 4th episode of his Rap Hunger Games series. The hard-hitting cinematic tune sees him teaming with 3 new tributes Revo Belle, Cleva Thoughts, and Lolo DaBoss who all bring the hunger with versatile and fiery flows over the anthemic soundscape.


Ace Diego x Stas THEE Boss – “Chile of the Cosmos”


Ace Diego and Stas THEE Boss team up for “Chile of the Cosmos”, a chilled soulful record that sees the duo detailing their journey through life and then some.


Young Elle – “Nero Lucido”


Italian rapper Young Elle caught our ears with his new release “Nero Lucido” which is a dark moody tune that sees him detailing some personal incidents in his life. Inspired by a kidnapping experience he endured, the track is as raw and unfiltered as they come.


L’Nu Joker x JRDN – “Bad One”

The duo of L’Nu Joker and JRDN team up for this baddie anthem titled “Bad One”. Over the moody sparsely arranged backdrop, both musicians pay homage to their respective baddies.



Calon L. – “Mr. Bennett”

Calon L.comes through on our playlist with his new release “Mr. Bennett”, a retelling of his days in the streets and the dynamics of trying to stay positive in a world filled with negative characters and influences.



Blake Braley – “Starting Over”


Blake Braley‘s “Starting Over” is a mellow tune that dwells on vulnerability and the changes that come with moving from one’s comfort zone. Over the lush guitar riffs, and smooth keys, he delivers a stunning and heartfelt performance ripe with an uplifting message of taking the changes and growing with it.


Joe Write Music – “The Other Side”

Joe Write Music‘s new song “The Other Side” is dedicated to his mother and her battle with breast cancer. Over a melancholic soundscape, he details how his mother dealt with the disease and how it changed him and his outlook of life.



D. Knight – “The Perseverance”

Dayton, OH-based hip hop artist D. Knight reflects on his own daily struggles and dreams in his new song “The Perseverance”. Over a sombre and chilled soundscape, he gives us an insight into his journey with lines like Lines like “shit ain’t happen overtime, it took traction”. We get to hear about the ups and downs and how he was able to find the inner strength to pursue his goals no matter the cost.
“The Perseverance” is the intro track of Dayton, OH-based hip hop artist D. Knight’s newest album Make Myself At Home.



Slick Da Sniper – “Manifest”


Slick Da Sniper takes charge of his destiny in his song “Manifest” which sees him detailing the dynamics and ups and downs of being a man in this unpredictable world.




Taylor Rosalia Marie – “Guard Up”



Los Angeles, CA-based Southern New Jersey singer/songwriter Taylor Rosalia Marie shares her new single “Guard Up”. The mellow soulful tune explores the singer’s inner struggles with being vulnerable and letting people in. Over the sparse piano-laden soundscape, she puts her heart on wax and implores other people who are struggling with the same thing to hold on because they are not alone.



NeNe V – “Only God Can Judge”


NeNe V‘s “Only God Can Judge” is a sublime and heartfelt tune that details her inner feelings over an atmospheric and moody soundscape.





Following the release of their euphoric single and video, ‘STAY AWAKE,’ which received acclaim from the likes of Notion, Enigma, Jamsphere, and more, emerging R&B/Hip Hop duo YSO X AAKASH unveil their ethereal new track, “QUIT CALLING”. The track is as sublime and brooding as they come and captures the duo’s offbeat and sultry melancholic melodic runs. Seamlessly blending lush synth soundscapes and sweeping vocals, the shimmering single further demonstrates the duo’s ability to craft immersive R&B anthems.



Jella – “If You Lose Me”

Jella is a Singer/ Songwriter from Bern (Switzerland) whose new single “If You Lose Me” caught our ears. The guitar-driven piece dives into the tale of a woman who finds strength in a fledgling relationship and reminds her partner to not thread on her feelings.






SlimYungMan – “ACAi”

SlimYungMan closes out the list with “ACAi”. The self-produced tune has a soothing and lush soundscape and sees the rapper showcasing his unique flow and wordplay where he blends bravado with his player mentality. The Song is a double entendre for a dope song (psalm) and sweet berries (or women)


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