We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Marvillous Beats – “Welcome Home”

Marvillous Beats returns with “Welcome Home”, a sombre tune that forms the perfect aural companion to your study, relaxation, and self-care needs. From the mellow keys, lush guitar riffs and reflective violins that compliment the progression, the producer Marvillous Beats delivers a solid one for us to rock with this week.






SlimYungMan – “Swinson Rd”

SlimYungMan‘s instrumental “Swinson Rd” is a heartfelt and soulful cut that exudes pure nostalgia and it’s a tribute to his grandmother and the memories of him visiting her during the summer at the same address in the title. The track has some engaging elements like warm textures, rich guitar riffs and punchy drums to complete the mission.


Grapestuff – “Soulstice”


Grapestuff shares his new release “Soulstice”, a chilled beat underpinned by airy and lofi elements with soft strings and subtle vocal samples to boot. It’s quite captivating and sombre as well.

Rich Aucoin – “Buchla”

Canadian instrumentalist/producer Rich Aucoin shows us his sound design skills in this new beat titled “Buchla”. The track is dynamic, and cinematic and exudes pure urgency, from the sizzling synths, dark arpeggios and moody pads to punchy drum fills and a steady bounce to complete the job.


Rudi Resch – “Pampelmuse”

Austrian instrumentalist Rudi Resch‘s new effort “Pampelmuse” is a cinematic piece that also exudes brooding aesthetics. The main strings and pads do complement each other and the horns add a unique touch to it all.


HeyThatsMyDrink – “Blackberry”

“Blackberry” by producer HeyThatsMyDrink is a mellow, soothing piece underpinned by bright synths, chilled pads and soft drum grooves.


Rudi Resch – “Cantaloupe”

Producer Rudi Resch‘s makes his second appearance on our list with this beat titled “Cantaloupe”. The record is a sombre and reflective piece that caught our ears. The mellow synths, warm textures, rich guitar riffs and overall melancholic vibe sure makes for a great listen.


Leehahn – “Blank Canvas 1”

Australia-based producer/instrumentalist Leehahn shares the new single “Blank Canvas 1”, a piano-driven lofi/soul beat that is as reflective as they come. It’s dreamy, nostalgic and uplifting all at once.


Astronomers of the Strange – “Friends with Atmosphere”


Newly formed Los Angeles-based band Astronomers of the Strange caught our attention with their brand of genre-fusing music. Their latest effort “Friends with Atmosphere” is a seamless mesh of hip-hop drum beats, expressive pop textures with some cinematic orchestral brass lines and soulful pads to boot.

Kaboom Beats – “Watch Out For Twelve”


Kaboom Beats aka Kaflow makes his entry on our site with “Watch Out For Twelve”. A synth-driven trap beat that surely hits the speakers. The bassline is thick and heavy and the moody textures work well.


Marvillous Beats – “On The Rocks”

Multi-faceted instrumentalist/producer Marvillous Beats gifts us with “On The Rocks”. A mellow dreamy tune underpinned by cinematic and ethereal keys and lush violin strings seamlessly layered over punchy drums.


Ghostnaut – “Pure Delight”


Prolific Canadian producer Ghostnaut gifts us a warm light-hearted instrumental titled “Pure Delight”. The track is as sombre and reflective as they come. From the rich guitar riffs, and melancholic key progression to the smooth bassline arrangement.


mac digi – “SAY YOUR PRAYERS”

mac digi‘s new release “SAY YOUR PRAYERS” is a brooding piece comprised of cinematic textures, suspenseful transitions and layered sound design bolstered by punchy drums.

gosnote – “special”

Finnish producer gosnote serves us a smooth slice of funk and boom-bap in his new aptly-titled release “special”. He brings quite a refreshing take on the genre with lush textures, smooth funky guitar plucks and punchy boom bap drums to boot. He raises the ante with a pitched-down melodic vocal sample as well which ties it all together.


Ogi feel the Beat x IGR – “Better Place”

Ogi feel the Beat links with IGR for this reflective and soulful piece titled “Better Place”. Backed by soft drums, layered guitar riffs, airy horns and warm textures, the duo delivers an emotionally laden piece that serves as a perfect soundtrack for the breezy summer nights.


Alpha Centori – “Cold Nights”

Emerging producer Alpha Centori helped us close out this list with “Cold Nights” from his stash. the track is bolstered by punchy boom-bap drums, cinematic textures underpinned by sombre flutes, strings and a sublime melodic vocal sample to match.

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