It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Handbook – “Tie My Hands”

Producer Handbook returns with a smooth, reflective piece he calls “Tie My Hands”. The track sees him teaming up with emcee Supreme Sol who raises the ante with his thought-provoking lyrics about life, politics, religion and everything in between.



Seb Zillner, Feux, Kalifornia Kurt – “Wiley”

Multi-instrumentalist, Seb Zillner teams up with producers Feux & Kalifornia Kurt on his newest effort titled “Wiley”. The result is a smooth blend of jazz, hip-hop, and experimental elements. It’s pretty far from the norm and will get your heads bopping in no time.

Get it on Spotify



Kwalker Music – “Glidewalk”

Kwalker Music shares his new beat with us titled “Glidewalk”. A smooth synth-driven beat that also has accompanying vocals that come in every now and then. It sure has a nice groove and solid texture.




Bosniakdos – “Rose Blend”

Producer Bosniakdos taps into a different bag on his new instrumental track titled “Rose Blend”.  He flips a classical track with some middle-eastern textures to make an interesting piece of art that is cinematic and quite alluring too.



13thousand – “wandering”

13thousand is back with another jam titled “Wandering”. It has a very solemn texture but the drums sure hit hard from start to finish. Get it on Spotify.



TURNA – “Wow”

TURNA’s “Wow” is a mixed bag of sounds and elements that make for an interesting listen. It has a lo fi vibe and uses a chilled harmonious vocal to add to the vibe. TURNA is a Manchester-based producer and DJ and part of the Left + Right collective.”



Stuart Grand – “The Marathon (Instrumental)”

Stuart Grand makes his way on our list with a cinematic beat titled “The Marathon (Instrumental)”. Built on ethereal textures that hit the soul, the track feels like a dreamy foray into the land of the unknown.
He also says it’s inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle RIP.




Courtesy of Strange Neighbor label, TEEBS delivers an epic body of work titled ‘MAPITO [CEIBA EP]’. The project is a blend of jazz, hip-hop, lo-fi and experimental downtempo elements.

The Mapito visual treatment was designed and directed by Chrome Yellow and centers around a performance by Asphodele (dancer for Stones Throw artist, Sudan Archives) captured here by LA based photographer and documentarian, Theo Jemison. In what is our ever accellerating present reality, the mediative and abstract strains of the Teebs sound translate into a hypnotic visual, subtly reminding us to return to center every now again. To shut off some of the outside noise, celebrate your own movement and reconnect just a bit with the stillness of the natural world.

The ‘Ceiba’ EP will be available as a digital download and as a strictly limited art object release by Chrome Yellow studio. The limited edition includes the Chrome Yellow visual projects on super 8 film, a print featuring photography by Theo Jemison and a full digital copy of the audiovisual release, all housed in a custom film canister. All ‘Ceiba’ press enquiries will be handled by Trevor Seamon at Score Press. An exclusive advance promo of ‘Ceiba’ is now available via Strange Neighbor at Fat Drop.




Stuart Grand – Get the Strap.

Stuart Grand’s hit us up with another track “Get the Strap”. This beat has a more aggressive vibe and it’s laced with booming 808s and solid drums to match. It’s also on Youtube below.


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