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Suburban Dream – “Strung Out”

Suburban Dream is the musical brainchild of producer Ciarán McCarthy and on this new single  “Strung Out.” A blend of soulful and jazz-infused elements from lush keys, horns, smooth vocal scratches, and punchy drums to match.



Lukas Got Lucky – “Lunchbox”

Lukas Got Lucky drops the new single “Lunchbox” which has somber piano riffs, and soothing textures with cinematic sound design to match.


GaryOAKland – “Sunrise”

GaryOAKland thrills us with his new instrumental titled “Sunrise” a sublime and soothing beat ripe with summer-tinged vibes. The lofi jazz elements do stand out and are well crafted.



Cut Beetlez – “You Need To Quit”

Cut Beetlez makes an entry with “You Need To Quit,” a single that showcases their versatility. From the dusty jazzy aesthetics to improv styled sampling, the crew brings something refreshing to the list.





Vicstradamus – “Blaze”

Vicstradamus‘s latest release titled “Blaze” is a chilled cinematic piece made up of somber synths, weird arps, and off-kilter sound design.


Bastelbande x TREE60 – “Antenna”

Bastelbande and TREE60 share their new single “Antenna” which is a relaxing and smooth piece ripe with alluring vocal chops, somber keys and alluring textures to boot.


Jomy – “Speedracer”

“Speedracer” is a chilled lofi infused track by Jomy who makes use of soft jazz tones, mellow basslines with soft drum grooves to complete the mission.



KristianK – “DGO”


Irish producer KristianK makes his entry on our list with his brand of chill-hop with this release titled “DGO.” The track is soulful and built on warm textures, pulsating basslines, dreamy synths, and some off-kilter sound design to match.



Joe Sunrise – “Torii”

Joe Sunrise‘s “Torii” is as sublime and soothing as ever. From the smooth textures, alluring keys and flutes layered over a solid drum grove, Joe delivers something refreshing and soul-stirring for us to rock with.


GrinZ – “Grime me a River”


German producer GrinZ cranks up the heat with “Grime me a River” a hard-hitting drill/grime beat that is built with orchestral elements. It’s dark, ominous, and quite engaging from start to finish. The track is taken from his Bap’n’Trap project.



CaliCronk – “Twilight”


“Twilight” is a smooth lofi soul track provided by CaliCronk. The producer blends sound from nature with a smooth guitar riff, and warm textures with soft drums to boot.



Dude – “Fed Up”


Dude raises the ante on his new release “Fed Up” which is a punchy and cinematic piece ripe with hard drums, trippy synths, and thick bass lines to match.


Maramice – “Moving”


Maramice shares his new release “Moving” which blends r&b/hiphop with a touch of lofi. It’s quite smooth and dreamy all at once.


Coujo – “nonfiction”


Coujo’s “nonfiction” is a dark cinematic beat that makes use of trippy and ominous sounds layered over punchy drums. His use of weird sound design techniques is quite noticeable and engaging as well.




Brainiac [The Archive] – “dill Pickle:2021”


Brainiac [The Archive] shares with us this full-length project titled “dill Pickle:2021” which is a blend of instrumentals and remixes crafted by the producer himself. It ranges from mellow soulful joints to punchy off-kilter remixes of different underground cuts.



Stereo Fear – “Tigris”


Stereo Fear shares the new release “Tigris” a chilled track that blends jazz with lofi aesthetics. From the mellow drum grooves, warm basslines, guitar licks, and overall somber vibe, listeners are taken into another zone.


Burrito Eats & Seb Zillner – “Padron Peppers”


Burrito Eats & Seb Zillner new release “Padron Peppers” is a chilled, nostalgia-inducing beat ripe with warm and summery elements such as flutes, soothing keys, and smooth grooves to boot.


SoBe – “Equinox”


SoBe delivers a mix of lofi with live instrumentation on his new release titled “Equinox.” It’s chilled, atmospheric, and somewhat nostalgic as well. From the guitar riffs, mellow drums, effects, and subtle synths, there is so much to unpack here.


3League – “Crocs N’ Roses”


“Crocs N’ Roses” is a Spanish guitar riven beat provided by 3League. The track is quite sparse and experimental to some degree. He makes use of the guitar as the centerpiece but adds a lot of breakdowns and mellow transitions to raise the dynamics as well.



gLife Beats – “Castle Vain Ya”


gLife Beats closes out this week’s list with “Castle Vain Ya” a sparse and somewhat bright trap beat made up of lush synths, rumbling snares, and mild basslines. This song was made from scratch as part of his YouTube beat-making tutorial series.

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