Seven, Pt. III is a conceptual 7-track body of work between emcee Awon, producer, Seb Zillner, and original piano compositions from A N T I T H E S I S. The project focuses on the number 7 itself and its meaning throughout history. from science, philosophical and Biblical references and how holds significance in almost every major global religion and is indicative of healing.

The music production is mostly moody and somber and made up of piano-driven beats that form the basis and foundation of the project. Awon sure knows the assignment as he sets the tone with an introductory performance on the opener “I” as he takes us to the genesis and his growth. The gloomy aesthetic of “II” is bolstered by Awon’s blend of bravado and insightful lines like “Cos it’s a jungle, mumble rap is steady counting/but this inflation stagnation got me steady doubting” to convey his candid thoughts. On “III” and “IV” the thoughtful themes continue with more verbal stylings and thought-provoking lines from Awon who addresses real-time issues and personal struggles with a nuanced view. The project closes with the bouncy “VII” with its eerie piano riff and pulsating bassline and choppy headnodding drums. There is so much to unpack on this project and we recommend listeners listen to it in order to get the full view.


Stream Seven, Pt. III on all DSPs here.

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