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kigiku – “solace”

kigiku help set things off with “solace” and the track sure lives up to its title. The lush guitar riffs are as melancholic as they come and the lush pads add a reflective and soothing feel to it as well.



G.Militão – “Sp Ruas”

Brazilian producer G.Militão takes us deep into the night with “Sp Ruas”, the cinematic track is ripe with a haunting sample, punchy boom-bap drums and sound designs that detail moves made by graff writers, focus, adrenaline and the chaos of the city night where anything can happen.



Q-Rush – “Luv Baby”

Frankfurt-based producer / DJ Q-Rush shares a new release titled “Luv Baby”. The soulful jam is ripe with lush pads, subtle vocal samples and dreamy synths laced over bouncy drums. the track is taken from his new EP Where The Sun Rises.



Sleep Powder – “stargazing”

“stargazing” by Sleep Powder is an ethereal and airy piece made up of lush synths, sublime pads and crisp licks with a solid boom-bap drum groove to match. It is perfect for students to study to or for that laidback evening session with your loved one.



Johnboybeats – “nightfall”

Johnboybeats  shares his new release “nightfall” which mirrors the time of day with it’s solemn piano phrases, moody vocal hums and airy atmospheric textures layered over a soft drum groove.




DaMarcus VanBuren – “Cloudy Days (Instrumental Version)”

DaMarcus VanBuren takes us through “Cloudy Days (Instrumental Version)”, this sombre and reflective beat is made up of punchy drums and solemn keys and pads that make one ponder on what tomorrow might bring.


Q-Rush – “Ride With Me”

Q-Rush delivers this warm and bouncy beat “Ride With Me” for our list. The record has a soulful R&B element with hip-hop elements seamlessly merged into one another with pulsating basslines, alluring vocals and lush piano riffs.

“Ride With Me” is the second single of his upcoming EP Where the Sun Rises.





sad.exe – “Half Amazing”

Swedish producer sad.exe‘s “Half Amazing” has a classic jazz-inspired boom-bap sound reminiscent of 90s NY hip-hop. The soulful horn stabs, pulsating drums and a perfect snippet of Nas really add a nice touch to it.


Thomas Tempest – “London Calling”

UK producer Thomas Tempest remind us that “London Calling” with this atmospheric and sublime piece made up of lush horns, warm basslines and crisp pads and bouncy drums to boot.


Zycix – “Coffee Shop”

Swedish producer Zycix takes us in the “Coffee Shop” with this melancholic and sombre tune that we all can use to study. I like the guitar progression and airy pads too.




lateve – “morning frost”

lateve clears out the “morning frost” with this sublime and soothing piece that we all can rock with. It has a chilled and sublime and warm texture with soft drums, it’s really soul-stirring and calming.


daydreemer – “3am Laguna”

UK producer daydreemer drops “3am Laguna”, a sombre and calming track made up of mellow textures, crisp guitar riffs and soft drums. Perfect to unwind to if you asked us.





Tyler.l – “Calm Down”

Tyler.l’s aptly titled instrumental “Calm Down” is exactly what we need in these crazy times. The use of water drop sound design, sombre pads and atmospheric textures with sparse drums all gel together like white on rice.






The Digital Realms – “HELLO, DIGITAL REALM”

The Digital Realms delivers a refreshing beat titled “HELLO, DIGITAL REALM” which blends the worlds of lofi/chillhop with future jazzy elements. the sound design, airy textures and dreamy synths all merge perfectly to form this brilliant piece.



Miles Elliot – “Starz”

Miles Elliot caught our ears with “Starz”, a chilled bouncy tune ripe with lush textures, dreamy sax and an undeniable groove to boot.





POSY  – “Message to Jun” ft. Seb Zillner

POSY sends a “Message to Jun” with the help of fellow producer Seb Zillner. The record has a tv theme feel with its bright keys, pulsating basslines and airy flutes underpinned by vibrant drums and an overall bright aesthetic.






1.O.M – “Umbra


Canadian music producer 1.O.M  caught our ears with his new release titled “Umbra”. He blends lush guitar riffs with rousing drums and makes use of several key changes, drum grooves and break downs to deliver a brilliant piece that blends a handful of genres together.



Wander Sky – “Peace at Midnight”


Indian producer Wander Sky brings us “Peace at Midnight” with his beat. The overall texture has a sombre and reflective feel and the slow progression sure has a distinct feel that taps into our inner emotions with a certain calmness.


Lofi of Life – “Jazzy”

Lofi of Life’s “Jazzy” is a smooth study beat made up of slick guitar riffs, a pulsating bassline, a pitched-up vocal sample and a soft drum groove to boot. It’s simple but effective if you asked us.


Chillin Cat – “Calm”

Japanese producer Chillin Cat‘s new effort “Calm” is well-titled and lives up to its name. It’s mellow, relaxing and alluring all at once. The use of rich and sparsely arranged guitar plucks, airy pads and textures sure work well and the break downs as well.


Avi Snow – “Breathe”

Avi Snow delivers a refreshing tune titled “Breathe” to our doorsteps. The production has an ethereal and atmospheric vibe and the use of slick acoustic guitar adds a lively and rich element to it.


Cloudchord – “Music Is Medicine”

Cloudchord sure proves that “Music Is Medicine” in this aptly titled record. The track has smooth and lush textures, smooth guitar plucks, airy synths and slick percussions that don’t detract from the main musical elements.


CDB – “Mr. Clown”


CDB brings us the proverbial “Mr. Clown” in this brilliant piece. The moody and sad pads, strings and pulsating basslines all blend together in harmony and give listeners an emotionally touching vibe.


Houis – “Fenêtre”


Houis‘s “Fenêtre” has a solid boombap style bounce and the jazz/chill hop element is the most evident. The low tones, smooth guitar plucks and airy synths also play an important role to give it a shimmering vibe.



moon.walken – “water ways”


moon.walken shows us the “waterways” in this guitar-driven lofi piece that aims to trigger nostalgic emotions in us. The slow build-up and changes are pure bliss and really hit the soul.


Secret Spot – “Small Cabin In The South”


Australian producer Secret Spot has a “Small Cabin In The South” and he takes us for a short viewing. The production is sublime and made up of subtle piano phrases, soothing pads and lilting guitar riffs. The soft drums do add an interesting bounce to it as well.


bad at math. – “zelda’s lofi lullaby (Koji Kondo Cover)”


bad at math. delivers a soothing piece titled “Zelda’s lofi lullaby (Koji Kondo Cover)”. The Zelda-inspired track sure brings a different vibe to the original version (for the OG gamers) and the way the producer flips it is quite alluring and refreshing as well.


Billy Hammer – “iris”

Billy Hammer‘s new effort titled “iris” sounds like a love tale as the sombre guitar plucks and phrases intertwine with themselves. I love the breakdown and transitions as well.


Chat One – “Chop wood, carry water”


UK beatmaker Chat One raises the ante with this jazz/lofi tune titled”Chop wood, carry water”. The track starts off slowly and builds up neatly with the punchy drums, soothing vocal runs and layered instrumentation.


Frxnco – “Sandman”


Frxnco‘s “Sandman” is a blissful and introspective record ripe with soft guitar riffs, mellow arps with mellow but slapping percussions. It’s quite alluring and gives off a nostalgic and heartwarming feel.


kBeats x Beyond moments – “Cozy Dreams”


The hardworking kBeats returns with fellow musician Beyond moments for this brilliant effort titled “Cozy Dreams”. The track has a sparse groove arrangement and the use of soft sad piano progressions, soft and almost inaudible pads with moody synths and guitar pluck all add to a glorious build-up.


Dojen Mirror – “Falling Upwards”

UK producer Dojen Mirror helps with a perfect closure using his new release “Falling Upwards”. The track is gloomy, reflective and melancholic all at once. The dreamy pads, lush piano riffs and soft grooves all blend perfectly together.

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