It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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 Carlos Martinez – “Bass Embrace”

Multi-instrumentalist Carlos Martinez kicks off the list on a grand note. His new release titled “Brass Embrace” is a smooth blend of lush keys, entrancing guitar arrangements, and a smooth vocal harmony to complement the beat. “Brass Embrace” is the lead track off his new beat-tape, Brapple Juice (Carton 2).



Maramice – “Peace of Mind”

Producer Maramice aims for peaceful harmony on his new release “Peace Of Mind” as he blends blissful sounds over solid hip-hop drums. The Finnish producer is a 15 year veteran with a wide range of experience behind the boards.

Check out his album on Spotify.


Groove. – “COSMIC”

Groove goes out of this world on his new beat titled “COSMIC”. He blends spacey/atmospheric sounds that also exude a soothing effect on the listener. Groove also has a style of urban music production that blends lush live instrumentation, DJ elements, and synthesized sounds with samples of music from various eras and genres which he refers to as “Soul Hop”.

Get it on Apple Music.


T-Spice – “Matsuri”

LA based, Japanese producer T-Spice delivers a different vibe with his new effort titled “Matsuri”. The former rapper/finger drummer flips the script on this experimental beat that is ripe with trippy sounds, hard drums, and obscure vocal samples.

T-SPICE came to the US in 2001 to further pursue his rapping career and his innate talent was unlocked. He participated in a Japan tour of Jurassic 5, a US tour of Akil from Jurassic 5, performed in a number of popular clubs and live music venues such as Key Club and The Roxy Theatre, and displayed his Japanese rap in various events such as the freestyle meccha, Project Blowed.

 He then made a successful transition from a rapper to a beatmaker. He released an instrumental beat album “Reborn to Die” in 2017 featuring Spaceboy Boogie X from Pharcyde and Akil. Mastering for this album was done by the Low End Theory founder Daddy Kev who received a Grammy Award nomination with the Flying Lotus song “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The album was highly acclaimed and attained a reputation with the unique, intense deep beat and originality. T-SPICE is also a live finger drummer using a Native Instruments Maschine. His performances are often introduced by local artists on their social media outlets. He has also recently been engaged in production of commercial songs. His latest projects include the song for a 2018 promotional movie for Japanese traditional craft Edo Kiriko Cut Glass.


DYVN – “Happysad”

DVYN makes our list again with a solid emotion-laden beat titled “happysad”. Blending various elements from keys, lo-fi samples, and lush keys, DVYN takes the listener down an emotional journey through sounds.Get it on Spotify.



Duneboi – “lull”

Duneboi returns with a reflective beat he calls “Lull”. The beat clocks just a little past the 2-minute mark and exudes a very nostalgic/ethereal feel with its texture over hard-hitting drums. Check it out.



ShadowHood – “Conquest”

ShadowHood,  is a cross-genre composer, performer, clarinetist, and songwriter whose latest effort is entitled “Conquest”. The piece is pretty cinematic and engaging from start to finish. A whole lot of layered instruments and styles from using trap beat in 6/8 meters, solemn strings and emotional keys to match. Hit the play button and get familiar.

Get it on Spotify.




Prince Mathicks – “Your Kisses Taught Me How To Speak In Luv”

Swedish producer Prince Mathicks dives into the thick of things with his new effort titled “Your Kisses Taught Me How To Speak In Luv”. A soul-drenched piece that blends classic soul vocals against the boom-bap style drum. He adds that the beat evokes “The feeling of how you get warm all inside of your body when you see the special one that you like. ”
The beat is part of a Re-release of an album with old beats from Prince Mathicks’ Soundcloud with 15 “new” beats in total.



Escape Tones – “Hzlnut”

Escape Tones is a Fort Smith, AR-based instrumental duo who blend live sounds, electronic elements, and jazz-infused hip-hop fundamentals. On their new effort titled “Hzlnut”, we get to hear the trio’s eclectic, multi-layered style of production.
The track was said to have been birthed from the duo’s archives and revived into a Lo-fi record. Escape Tones is an electrofusion duo featuring Nick McFarland on keys and Jeremy Trobaugh on drums. Escape Tones originated in Fort Smith, AR, mostly performing live as a funk and jazz trio, eventually molding into their current state following the release of 2 independently produced EPs and a beat tape.
“Hzlnut” is taken from their recently released beat tape essentials. Get the album on Spotify and iTunes.




Glimlip x Leave – “Hometown”

The production duo of Glimlip and Leave team up for a summertime record titled “Hometown” which blends jazz-infused hip-hop, solemn keys, and a solid percussion to tie things up nicely.

Get it on Spotify as well.



EyeLoveBrandon – “Flora & Fauna”

Producer EyeLoveBrandon shares his new instrumental titled “Flora & Fauna” on our list. The nostalgia-inducing song packs a punch and is very alluring to the tee with its sparkling keys, jazzy bassline, and head-nodding groove.
He further adds “Lately though, I’ve been missing my home in Solara City. And now, I’m ready to hop in my mobile suit and trade this lush terrain for starry skies.

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