Tieran is a Columbus, Ohio based rapper, songwriter, and producer delivering his rawness through an emotionally laden flow. On this track he has just shared with us, Tieran follows up his heartbreaking single ‘Imagine’ with the much more optimistic song ‘It’s Different’. The self-produced song tells the story of a hopeful romantic in a new relationship.

This new song will be the sixth single off of Tieran’s upcoming album “Where’s She At?”. The album’s release date is yet to be announced but is definitely guaranteed to be a treat. His music is introspective and conscious, fuelled by his desire to be transparent with all aspects of his life.

Tieran began performing at the age of eight with the hardcore punk band H2O, opening for the likes of Eminem and Blink 182, but it wasn’t until his early adulthood that he explored his lyrical skills. His exposure to punk and hip hop music in his early childhood guided his love for music and grew through his love for skateboarding — a hobby that led to rage after he was jumped at a skate park at 16 years old. As he attempted to navigate his emotions after the violent attack, he began to write rap songs to channel his anger and depression. During college, he began to hone in on his lyricism, as well as production and mixing and mastering his records.

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