It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Ghostnaut – “Good Times”

Ghostnaut  opens up the list with a nice laidback solemn jam titled “Good Times.”  The track is very relaxing and it’s ripe with lush electric guitars, nostalgic horns, and soothing keys to match.



Morpho! – “Peaches”

Virginia Beach-based producer Morpho! aka Kreative Kidd delivers a playful beat titled “Peaches.” The track has a laidback reflective texture and smooth bounce that everyone can rock to.
This song is part of a compilation of instrumentals that he created for twitch streamers.
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Behind The Beat – “Following”


Behind The Beat makes his first appearance on our list with “Following.” The beat has a simple guitar pluck laced over soft drums and weird sound designs. It’s somewhat eclectic and not so overproduced.

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Kid Danger – “Thumper”


Kid Danger‘s “Thumper” is a synth-driven piece that switches every now and then with the way it progresses. The drums are punchy and somewhat cinematic too.
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LoLoTheGod – “Conscious Thoughts”


LoLoTheGod comes through with a solid boom-bap beat he calls “Conscious Thoughts.” The track slowly builds with a creamy texture but when the drums come into play, it gets better.
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Stereo Fear – “In the Cutlass”


Stereo Fear gets into his Lo-Fi bag as he crafts this solemn piece titled “In the Cutlass.” He makes use of short sample phrases, neat guitar riffs, and soft drums to complete the job.
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LoLoTheGod – “Arrival”

LoLoTheGod appears again with this brilliant offering titled “Arrival.” The track has an ominous texture that slowly builds into a soft crescendo. The drums are soft on this one though but it still caught our attention.
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Yvan Poisson – “Fractal”


Yvan Poisson‘s “Fractal” is heavily influenced by gritty boom-bap elements and the way he sparsely arranged the beat is quite refreshing.
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NICO.x3 returns to our notice with “THE PLACE WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR NAME.” The title is unintentionally inspired by the move of the same name and t sure showcases the producer’s knack for creating atmospheric beats. the nostalgic horns so come into play on this one too
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Pavalon – “Dazed”


Pavalon ‘s “Dazed” is a smooth, relaxing chillhop type instrumental. The soft pads, orchestral type vocal synths, and soft drums do work well.
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J(X) – “Rock Bop”


J(X)‘s new release “Rock Bop” is a Rock and Hip Hop fusion that hits the mark. Laced with hard drums, rousing electric guitar stabs, and cinematic textures, the beat sure rocks the speakers.
J(X) is currently establishing his range by doing a #12tapesin12months campaign. Releasing one tape a month each with its own unique sound and theme, there will be plenty of choices to pick from in 2020.
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Tieran – “I Need Space (Interlude)”


Emcee/producer Tieran makes a solid entry on the list with “I Need Space (Interlude).” A solemn reflective beat that is made up of soft keys, warm basslines, and emotionally driven sound effects.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud – “BUBBLES OF HAWAII” ‘s “BUBBLES OF HAWAII” is very dreamy and also exudes some lo-fi hip-hop qualities. It’s nostalgic and can serve as the right backdrop to chill out to.



Jaronamo – “You’re So Good” (Nicki Minaj x Chris Brown x Bryson Tiller)

Jeronimo‘s “You’re So Good” has smooth soft textures and makes use of a pitched-up vocal to good effect.



Sangjak – “Mellow”


Sangjak ‘s “Mellow” is just as the title sounds. He makes use of jazz elements with orchestral vibes on this one. It would be wrong to classify it as hip-hop but its just a smooth relaxing instrumental
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Kimchi Kriminal – “Roof Top Chillin'”


Kimchi Kriminal takes us a bit high on “Roof Top Chillin’.” A laidback relaxing production ripe with snapping drums, lush textures, and nostalgic elements too.




Red the Chef – “It’s Dying”


Red the Chef closes out the list with the live version of his instrumental release “It’s Dying.” The track is a laidback jazz/hip-hop beat that is solemn and nostalgic too.

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