The Rolling Stallones is the newest rap duo breaking down the doors unannounced and their new project Vol. 1: Cause for Concern fully epitomizes the title to the fullest. The duo is made up of  CT underground hip-hop veteran Expertiz alongside Nick Marv (NYC emcee and former frontman of Adios Mafia), who both found common ground in the classic era of hip-hop. The duo place emphasis on hard-hitting lyrics and of course, gritty slapping beats supplied by producer Goji Rock (of Daikaiju Beats).

Vol. 1: Cause for Concern


Vol. 1: Cause for Concern is a 14 track that brings nothing but sledgehammer raps, witty lyrics over grimy, sample-driven backdrops. From the cinematic “Savage Fury,” to the vibrant dustiness of “Polluted Dialect” to the moody textures of “Doomtastic,” lovers of pure lyricism would revel in this. No gimmicks or weird syrupy hooks are used here and it’s just a wide landscape of war with brutal wordplay.  Hit the play button and get familiar.

Get it on Bandcamp.

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