The Rolling Stallones are back in the field with the 3rd installment of their album series titled Vol3: Negative Space. In this edition, they deliver 15 tracks displaying raw lyricism over hard-hitting production courtesy of Goji Rock. The duo holds nothing back and bring down the verbal hammer on the naysayers and opposition who dare to stand in their way.

From the cinematic opener “Monster Sonata”, the duo opens the floodgates with vivid lyrics and a whole lot of bravado to match. This song is followed up by the anthemic sounds of “Glass Menagerie” where they take us deep into the war between the downtrodden and the powers that be. “Chaos Lens” is a fiery discussion on the issue of police brutality and systemic oppression by the higher-ups. The track has a dark and somewhat somber mood bolstered by the gritty images painted by the duo. The soundscape switches up on “D-U-M-B” with a country-esque sound that looks into the conditioning of masses. The verbal gymnastics is displayed on tracks like “Castaways” and “Deliciously Vicious” which is ripe with gripping production and fiery performances.

True hip-hop lovers would definitely enjoy this cohesive and dense project that pays homage to the true school with a modern-day experimental twist

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