The duo of emerging emcee JuiceBox of Paradise and producer _chefsoul team up to deliver some off-the-cuff raps about the current pandemic that got the world on lockdown. The duo share with us 2 cuts “Unemployed” and “Isolation” that help describe what they are going through.

“Unemployed” is JuiceBox of Paradise in storytelling mode and paints a picture of some unemployed individuals who decide to go partake in some nefarious activities that culminate in a shoot out with the cops. Backed by a gritty boom-bap backdrop, JuiceBox of Paradise delivers his verses in a very animated and edgy manner and doesn’t mince his words. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify

The second track “Isolation” sees JuiceBox of Paradise in an introspective mode as he takes the listener on a journey over a soulful head-nodding backdrop. He shares his struggles as an introvert and the pros that come with it too to keep things balanced.  JuiceBox of Paradise is also very frank with his lyrics and style and keeps a note to self to keep away from negative people who don’t serve any good purpose. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify

“Unemployed” and “Isolation” are off his debut EP The QuaranTapes. He is also working on his full-length album LavenderLemonade, available July 7th on all platforms.


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