It’s been nineteen years since the release of The Pharcyde‘s debut album, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde; yet Fatlip, Imani, Slimkid3, and (producer at the time) J-Sw!ft technically worked on in for a good year before its release. Released during the dominant Gangsta rap era of West Coast hip hop, Bizarre Ride was described as “refreshing,” due to its playful, light-hearted humor and lush, jazzy production.

On Saturday night, The Pharcyde held a huge party, celebrating the debut release of their first album at The Malibu Inn. Tomorrow afternoon will be the official re-release of ‘Bizarre Ride…’  (which will be a 3-CD pack +more) with Fatlip & (now former member) Slimkid3 will be signing autographs & doing a DJ set over at Amoeba Records in Hollywood at 6pm, so get there early!

Details about the re-release are down below.

The Pharcyde’s seminal debut release expanded to a triple CD issue with detailed liner notes by producer J-Sw!ft, and rare vintage photos of the group all contained within a deluxe hinged box with magnetic clasp for easy access to some of the best hip hop of all time.

Widely regarded as a pioneering album of the West Coast

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