The Neverending Mixtape is a musical project that pits different producers with rappers and now they have a new project titled Amor Fati out now.

“Point Blank” is a collaboration between rapper Denmark Vessey, Sogi Yhaman, and Hejai Beats. The production is somber and soulful and is ripe with off-kilter lyrical schemes from Vessey who deliver the goods with his unique style. His lyrics are quite thoughtful as he tackles the delicate issue of police brutality and general violence in the US of A.

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“Fame God” links !kylkenny! , Quelle Chris and Magswesiter over a gritty boom-bap soundscape. Quelle Chris is in his element as he digs deep into the dynamics of fame and how it affects one’s personality. The track is quite short as it’s made up of one verse and a vocal sample chorus.

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“Toro” features New York underground legend Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire alongside fellow NY rappers !kylkenny! , 724x, mvx, and JPosition. Bolstered by the ominous and punchy gritty soundscape, the emcees deliver vivid lyrical schemes that draw listeners in with ease.

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