As they prepare to drop their full-length project, multi-talented band M. Femme share their new single “Summer Rain” with much gusto. The laidback summer ballad is ripe with warm Rhodes, rich guitar riffs, heavenly horns, and lively drum grooves to match the alluring melodic runs. Led by lead vocalists Alex Hecker and Sam Mascorella, the duo deliver a soothing and soul-gripping performance ripe with heartfelt and evocative lyrics that dwell on true love and the swirling emotions that come with it.

M.Femme is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Alex Hecker, Sam Mascorella (lead vocals), Nick Nihil on Guitar and Synths, Jack Chandelier on Drums/Percussion, Steve Steele on Bass, Guitar, Synths, Frank Vitolo on Tenor Sax and Brendan McGovern on Baritone Sax and LipServus Sunny on Trumpet.

Stream “Summer Rain” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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