The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Dre Delamar – “Bounce 2 It” (with R.Smoove)

Dre Delamar and R.Smoove bring that undeniable “Bounce 2 It” in this new collaboration. Over a Spanish guitar-laden backdrop, both emcees deliver a blend of passionate, insightful bars with a lot of bravado to boot.


Bobby Thibs – “Something”

Bobby Thibs digs deep into “Something” as he explores his own personal struggles with relationships and the effects of being stuck in toxic situations. The backdrop is moody and ominous and Thibs vivid lyricism really draws listeners with its honest and heartfelt approach.


Oscar Smith – “New Day”

Australian rapper Oscar Smith ushers in a “New Day” and it’s as refreshing as they come. Over a soulful and solemn backdrop, Oscar delivers a heartfelt and reflective performance that listeners can rock with.



R. Taíno x Protagonist – “Talks”

R. Taíno and Protagonist team up for “Talks” a heartfelt and introspective tune that dives into self-growth and focuses on one’s goals. Backed by the moody and atmospheric soundscape, R Taino delivers a blend of insightful and bravado-laden bars.

“Talks” is the second song of the two-track ‘2SOTC‘ (2 Sides of the Coin) EP by Protagonist.



Jomo Kenyatta II – “Luke Cage Sings” (feat. Runit Gang)


Jomo Kenyatta II shares the new single “Luke Cage Sings” featuring Runit Gang. The track is a hard-hitting tune that captures the rapper’s energetic flow and evocative lyrical style.




NugLife – “Long Run” (ft. FrankieOG)


Producer/rapper NugLife drops “Long Run” featuring FrankieOG on our list. The smoky track is as soulful as they come and is perfect for a summer soiree or an evening drive.


DNY$3 – “Swerv’n”

DNY$3 takes us through the west coast with this smooth modern gfunk infused jam titled “Swerv’n.” Armed with a steady flow and vivid lyricism, the rapper paints a vivid picture of the West Coast.

Markeith Black – “Lucrative”


Emerging musician Markeith Black caught our ears with “Lucrative” a heartfelt and reflective record that details the dynamics of longing for a purpose and the true meaning of life. He makes use of an emotive piano stab, and moody textures as his canvas and take listeners on a relatable journey.


JUWEEL – “Par cœur”


German-French rapper JUWEEL shares their new single “Par cœur” where she flips in both languages in an effortless manner. Over a cinematic and off-kilter backdrop, she drops hard-hitting bars with a defiant attitude and stylish cadence to match.


Nalij – “How Did He Do That”


Nalij and producer Aaron Jerome team up for this anthemic tune titled “How Did He Do That” which showcases Nalij’s lyrical prowess. He flips the bars with no effort with his animated cadence and then some.


Shawn Mocey x Anabolic Beatz x Mitch Darrell – “Don’t Waste It”


“Don’t Waste It” is the latest release from Producer Anabolic Beatz who crafts a hard-hitting and somewhat dark canvas for emcees Shawn Mocey and Mitch Darrell, who bring pure unadulterated bars laced with motivational elements for anyone trying to reach their apex.


Sleepy Cross – “Go Up”


Sleepy Cross‘s “Go Up” is a display of lyricism with some insightful elements. Over a punchy and cinematic backdrop, the emcee shares his aspirations and then some.


Jaxon – “Got Me Feeling”


Producer/rapper Jaxon‘s “Got Me Feeling” is a heartfelt tale of blossoming love and the high it gives. He approaches it using a dream-themed concept of being swept away by love and finding inner peace. The track is built on a summery guitar lick, soft drums, and peppered with a catchy melodic chorus.


Mezmah – “Like The Letter A”


UK emcee Mezmah takes us on a retrospective journey in his new single “Like The Letter A” Backed by a solemn and somber backdrop, the emcee pours his heart on wax as he muses on the ways of the world and how he has to weave through the craziness and keep his integrity at the same time.


A.Rob x Tygris x 2nd Generation Wu x iNTeLL x Wax Future – “Max Keeble”

Philadelphia and Staten Island team up as A.Rob, Tygris, Wax Future, and 2nd Generation Wu‘s iNTeLL collide on this hard-hitting joint titled “Max Keeble.” From the thick punchy backdrop to the emcee’s distinct lyrical styles, listeners are reminded that true lyricism is still alive.


B. Bravo – “Fly Bye”


Producer B. Bravo teams up with singer Reva DeVito for a sublime and soulful tune titled “Fly Bye.” Backed by a steady groove, soothing textures, and dreamy tones, Rena delivers a sultry vocal performance that draws listeners in.


True Getit AKA Pinky Ring Don – “All On You”


Emerging rapper True Getit AKA Pinky Ring Don flips the Nigerian hit “Finesse” into something new in his new song “All On You” . The guitar-laden soundscape is somber and punchy and his flow is impassioned and well crafted.


Jirias – “More Out There”


Rapper/producer Jirias newest single “More Out There” is a display of lyricism in all its glory. The self-produced tune is quite dynamic and cinematic and his performance varies from deep lyricism to melodic runs that raise the ante.


Matt Nye – “Home”


Matt Nye pours his heart on wax in his new single “Home” where he tackles personal issues. Over a mellow and sublime backdrop, he implores listeners to stay away from negative energy and naysayers and find inner belief to be able to progress in this thing called life.


D’So Nyce – “Visiting Ours”


Straight out of a south suburb of Chicago we got D’So Nyce who caught our ears with this mellow and cinematic tune titled “Visiting Ours”. The rapper has a knack for painting vivid pictures with ease and a mellow flow to match. The track sure takes listeners deep into the mix of the action where any wrong move could be detrimental.


Jill Valentyne – “D.W.Y.W.”


Emerging singer Jill Valentyne drops “D.W.Y.W.” which is her 4th single and showcases her unique melodic style and style of songwriting. The track is about being independent and free from social constraints despite one’s personal hustle. “D.W.Y.W.” is taken from her forthcoming project entitled GPS.


Ex-poets – “Opus”



Ex-poets close out the list with “Opus” which sees them teaming with the legendary Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. The laidback soulful tune dives into the uncertainties of life and then some. The track blends vivid lyricism from eXquire and a soul-stirring melodic chorus to boot.

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