South Seattle beatmaker/producer who goes by the moniker Soufend Music has decided to unleash to the world a handful of beats he has in his stash. The tracks include “Break My Heart”, “Something Chill for a Lovely Evening”,  “2 the Stars”. and “Sunday Player” so let’s sit back, relax and examine each beat.

The first track we have is “Break My Heart” a solemn and soulful piece that makes use of a classic soul sample (I can’t remember the name but I do know it). I like the way he layered the samples on this one. The vocal chops come in at the chorus section with a little switch at the end. The verses make use of a lush piano riff and the drums are well crafted too, they don’t really switch up but they don’t quite stay mundane as well.

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“Something Chill for a Lovely Evening” is a synth-driven mellow beat that reminds me of early Odd Future songs. The drums are sparse and the synths do play a major role with some added keys and soulful vocals that come in every 4 bars or thereabout. This has a more downtempo vibe and would thrill lovers of this style but we have to give him kudos for flipping this. The second beat in and Soufend Music shows versatility.

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“2 the Stars” is a mid-tempo groovy cut rife with RnB type drums and a solid vocal sample. I am noticing a trend here, it seems Soufend Music  loves sampling often forgotten RnB cuts that many producers would not touch. I must admit, his approach is quite unique and his chops are solid. This track has more of the vocal samples than the previous cuts so we can say he does take the production in a different direction with this one.

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“Sunday Player” follows a similar theme as “2 the Stars”  but the chops here are detailed and smaller. Love the way he flips the. melodies and turn it into something pretty groovy. Again, this has a mid-tempo vibe but it’s snappy enough to keep people engaged from start to finish.

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In a nutshell, Soufend Music is interesting and he surely carves his own path but obviously his influences are noticeable to a lesser degree if you pay more attention. he definitely got something in his musical stash and hopefully his subsequent releases reach us.


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