Sacramento, California-raised rapper SHOWTIME RAMON embodies the fighting spirit of the legendary wrestler Ric Flair in his new single “Bloody Flair.” Backed by an ominous and hard-hitting backdrop,  he delivers a solid and ear-grabbing performance ripe with wrestling and pop culture references that would leave a smirk on your face.

“Bloody Flair” is a one-off single that serves as a prelude to SHOWTIME RAMON’s forthcoming project ZANGIEF MONEY GOLD.

Collectively, Showtime has released 20 projects. The Chronicles with Supa Duff (2011) Lethal Dos with the late Stizzy Staxx (2012) Monday Nitro (2012) Badboy (2013) The Flourishers (2013) Precious Metal Gems RED (2016) Gemspitter (2017) Lick it off (2019) Goat Tape (2020) Time Traveler (2020) Mercedes Girl (2020) Aurum (2020) Game Changer (2020) Dripp Tape (2021), (6 of which are Gieftapes 1-6 released 2020-2021)

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