Rav, born in the former Soviet Union, is an artist known for his personal and punkish approach to his craft. BENEATH THE TOXIC JUNGLE is Rav’s follow-up mixtape to his debut effort, the Hyperkinesis EP (2012), the highly coveted underground release covered by our blogging brothers The Needle Drop & The Find Magazine

Since 2012, Rav has been consistent with the features he’s provided for a number of EXO projects like The Stabbing Room [datacat], Space Time Capsule [Rekcahdam], as well as Kill Bill’s RAMONA and RESIN.


BENEATH THE TOXIC JUNGLE, Rav’s EXO debut, chronicles the tail end of Rav’s 4 year long battle with depression, as well his success in overcoming it. With the help of his EXO brothers, Rav explores his initial troubles and insecurities, as well as his eventual self-acceptance and regained sense of confidence through the themes of water and wind respectively.

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